Top 3 LinkedIn Marketing Automation Software

Over the years, Digital marketing has risen through the ranks to become the most preferred marketing method by marketers all over the globe. Because of this, the number of businesses that utilize services offered by LinkedIn has grown exponentially. Companies from almost all industries rely on LinkedIn’s powerful tools and software to boost their sales via marketing. In addition, businesses are also flooding the LinkedIn platform because of accessibility. Using LinkedIn, these companies can reach out to numerous clients needing their services or products.

However, to be productive, companies have to complete numerous tasks in a short period. Using human effort to complete these tasks is not possible. This is where marketing automation tools come in. Using LinkedIn marketing automation software, you can easily create thousands of connections automatically. These tools are also vital for users running multiple LinkedIn accounts as they eliminate redundancy and make time for you to tackle more important tasks. In this article, we will look at some of the best marketing software on LinkedIn to help you boost sales.

Linked Helper

Linked Helper is one of the best marketing automation tools on the LinkedIn platform. Linked Helper allows you to accumulate your business data and have a personal connection with your clients. In addition, Linked Helper software has numerous other features that offer you a chance to acquire targeted B2B clients on almost any business. With the Linked Helper software, your client attraction tasks will be automated. Not only will you have extra time to perform other tasks, but you will have a good number of reliable customers.

Sending invites on LinkedIn is very crucial when trying to boost your sales. However, LinkedIn only offers you 100 invites per week. With the Linked Helper software, you have 600 more invites to send to your first connections. Since its establishment five years ago, Linked Helper has helped thousands of businesses meet their marketing goals via its platform. It is also important to note that you can download the Linked Helper software for as low as $15 per month. In addition, it comes with a 14-day free trial period.


Dux-Soup is another popular LinkedIn marketing software. Dux lightens the burden of scouting and attracting prospects to your business. Generally, it is a Chrome extension that is relatively easy to install and use.

Once you have installed it, you will be able to visit the LinkedIn profiles of your prospects automatically. In addition, this software also allows you to approve your connections’ skills and send customized pictures that will appear as if a natural person sent them. Dux-Soup can be free; however, this package has limited features. The premium package costs $11.25 per month.


Sendible is automation software that was launched more than ten years ago. Sendible has aimed to enable marketers to manage all of their social media platforms from one space. What this tool is capable of differs from one social media platform to the other. However, on LinkedIn, you can use Sendible to;

  • Plan posts to LinkedIn profiles and firm pages
  • Reply to comments and evaluate the performance of your content.


Marketing has undergone a significant transformation since the inception of technology, just like other industries. Today, because of platforms such as LinkedIn, individuals and companies can do numerous marketing tasks at the click of a button. Using marketing automation tools available on LinkedIn, companies, and individuals can exponentially boost their sales via marketing.

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