Top 10 Smartphone Apps for Business People

iphone 5 appsBusiness people are traveling more today than ever before and a number of companies are hiring people who do not come to office but who complete their tasks remotely. Both of these groups of business people are in need of smartphone apps that will make their remote work easier and more comfortable and today, we have 10 of the best ones for you.


Depending on the size of the organization and the position they occupy in this organization, the amount of collaborative projects will vary, but in almost all cases, it will be important to be able to coordinate everything and this is where Basecamp comes in with their task assigning and completion features that allow small to medium sized companies to keep track of what everyone is doing and when.


The easiest way to describe Evernote is to say that it is like having your own personal assistant in your pocket at all times. Their collection of apps will handle your contacts, keep track of how you get things done and also provide you with all the information you need.


In case you are an accountant or you simply want to stay in touch with your company’s books, Xero is the weapon of choice for most. It is an easy to use and very intuitive accounting app which reduces chances of mistakes and ensures everyone important has access to the company’s financial picture.


Skype may seem like such an obvious choice and a year or two ago, it wouldn’t find its place on this list, but since they redid their app, it has become a fantastic tool for companies with many remote workers who need to stay in touch.


Insightly is an incredibly useful app for business people who handle a large number of contacts and customers and who need to keep track of all of them. This app is also able to enhance one’s lead management and it additionally provides team leaders with an ability to manage their team members and make sure they are handling contacts they should be.


All business people have to deal with a number of files and copious amounts of data that they have to access remotely at times. Because of this, they need a cloud service provider that will be safe and that is where pCloud rules. They offer unprecedented encryption methods which will ensure the security of data stored with them.

Shape’s Business Card Reader

You may think that business cards are dead in today’s world, but as most business people will tell you, they are still very much alive and the first contact that most people have with new acquaintances and potential partners. This is why Shape’s Business Card Reader is such a useful app, automatically storing and organizing scanned business cards for future use.


Of course, it is also essential for a business person to stay in touch with all of the things that are going on in the world and an app that will best organize all the news and latest developments from the world of finances and business is Feedly. It is the ultimate ally for a business person who wishes to stay in the loop.


An inseparable part of life for the traveling business person are expenses and the inevitable paperwork that comes with it. An app that handles expenses with great ease and quickness is Expensify which is useful both for employees and their managers/bosses. Accountants also love it because it makes their lives easier as well.


If you are a business owner/manager who is in charge of large teams and you are looking for a way to stay on top of scheduling even when you are on the go, then Humanity’s exquisite app may just become your new favorite mobile app. If you work for a company that employs Humanity, you will also love the way it helps you do your job efficiently.


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