TOP 10 Most Popular PC Games at the Beginning of 2016

League Of Legends - I'm not surprised to see it winning by a landslide, exceeding the closest rival's tally by more than three times. League of Legends was THE game to play in 2015, and if you have missed it, at least, give it a go.

League of Legends Official logo
League of Legends Official Logo

Counter-Strike – Global Offensive - at 7%, it's the second most popular game of the year and a reminder to us all that the Counter-Strike community is alive and well. Not revolutionary by any means, but still a solid game to satisfy the fanbase.

The Counter-Strike
The Counter-Strike Snapshot

World Of Warcraft – with new add-ons coming out, it was always going to be high on the list. World Of Warcraft can really be classified as a worldwide phenomenon at this point, still holding its own after all these years and attracting new players every year.

World of Warcraft poster
World of Warcraft Poster

DOTA 2 – arguably the largest and the most "open" MOBA, with great graphics and very fun team combat has released an update, which was warmly received. A very addictive game with a loyal fanbase, no one will be surprised to see it here.

Dota 2 Logotype
Dota 2 Logotype

World Of Tanks – having two major points going for it, being the largest free MMO and the only one offering armed warfare, WoT is not going away anytime soon. All in all, it's genuinely fun and addictive.

World of Tanks Official Poster
World of Tanks Official Poster

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft – seeing a "casual" card game in here is a bit surprising, but it is by Blizzard and it does have the Warcraft moniker on it. Nostalgic, simple, fun and can be played without investing money - what's not to love?

Heart of Stone-Heroes of Warcraft Logo
Heart of Stone-Heroes of Warcraft Logo

Minecraft – will I ever stop being in awe of Minecraft? Borderline terrible graphics, no storyline, simplistic game mechanics, and yet it's the most truly open playing the World of Minecraft with thousands of possibilities, it's genuinely engaging and fun. Good to see it non-faded away.

Minecraft LogoType
Minecraft LogoType

Diablo III – a great, well thought-out game with lots of old-fashioned slasher fun. I'm a bit surprised to see it so low on the list, though, it deserves better.

Diablo-3 Logo SnapShot
Diablo-3 Logo SnapShot

ARK: Survival Evolved – it's not even released, it's an early access game, and yet it's in the top-10. This tells you everything you need to know - probably the next big thing.

Survival of the Fitest Promo Logo
Survival of the Fittest Promo Logo

Heroes of the Storm – if League of Legends or Dota 2 isn’t your thing, you might just fall in love with Heroes of the Storm, a curious and well-crafted mix of classics from Starcraft to Diablo.

Heroes of the Storm Logo
Heroes of the Storm Logo

The Star Trek – popular slot game which is developed according to the same name franchise is popular among the fans of the unusual cosmic stories with the involving Captain Spock.

Overall, I feel I can't argue with these stats - it may not be to my personal preference, but these were, indeed, the most popular games of 2015, especially League of Legends, which has blown up in a huge manner.

Also, for those who wishes to be informed of all the novelties of the coming 2015 year, here is video about the most expected video games of 2016:

It's quite interesting that many of the hyped-up games like Grand Theft Auto V, Final Fantasy XIV Online, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Battlefield 4 didn't make it into the top ten - whether it's the price point or lack of long-term playability is arguable enough.

It's nice to see the good old Spider Solitaire, the trusty pal of generations of office workers, get a mention, scooping up an honorable 0.74% share.

Hope you like it! Good luck in the upcoming games and further prosperity!

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