The Tricks of MS Excel


The introduction of Microsoft Excel application has revolutionized the way one works in spreadsheets and turned out to be a boon in almost every institutes and workplace. With the passage of time, Microsoft upgraded its Excel spreadsheet for greater efficiency and convenience. Microsoft Excel 2010 is one of the most widely used spreadsheet applications. Not using Microsoft Excel is an exception in today’s scenario as Excel processes the data automatically and all the user needs to do is enter a requisite formula. From calculating complex numerical data, to merging two sheets, to combining data in multiple cells, Excel can do all these.

However, many people struggle to master the spreadsheet application and work rather slow while using the widely-used application. Notwithstanding the focus on computer education, learning requirement of the tricks of upgraded Microsoft Excel 2010 is very important than ever before.

Opening Files in Bulk

When you intend to work on multiple files, you can open all of those with a single click. To open your required files simultaneously, you need to select the preferred files and hit the Enter key.

Shifting from One Excel File to Another

If you intend to shift from one excel file to another, then using Ctrl + Tab can help you work faster and effortlessly.

Inserting a Diagonal Line to a Cell

You can add different colors and change different borders for a cell by selecting Home-> Font-> Borders. If you want to add a diagonal line, then you can click More Borders and select a diagonal line by clicking on it and saving it.

Inserting Above One New Column or Row

If you need to add above one new row or column, you can drag and click on X columns or rows. After that, right click on the selected columns or rows and press on the Insert option from the drop down menu. You will find the addition of new rows to the left of the columns or above the row you first selected.

Deleting Blank Cells Speedily

If you want to delete some blank cells, you need to select the column you intend to screen, select the option Data->Filter, and undo the Select All option and select Blanks. Immediately, all blank cells will appear. After that return to Home and select the Delete option. All the blank cells will be deleted.

Navigating Speedily with Ctrl + Arrow Button

To navigate in different directions of the spreadsheet, you can click Ctrl + any one of the four arrow buttons. If you intend to go to the bottom line of the sheet, you need to press Ctrl + downward button.

Transposing Data from a Row to a Column

When you intend to transpose data, you will need to copy the chosen area and the pointer is required to move to another blank area. After that, select Home->Paste->Transpose. Before transposing, you need to ensure that you have copied the data at the outset.

Using the Hide Function

You can hide data by using Format Cells function. You need to select the location and select Home->Font->Open Format Cells->Number Tab->Custom->Type ;;; -> Click OK. After this, all the data in the location will be hidden.

Changing the Text Case

If you intend to change the case of texts, you can select PROPER, UPPER, and LOWER. If you select PROPER, you will have the first character of a word capitalized. If you select UPPER, all the characters will be capitalized and selecting LOWER, all the characters will be lower case.

Renaming a Sheet with a Double Click

If you want to rename a sheet, you can double click instead of clicking the right key to choose Rename option. By double clicking, you can rename the sheet in a direct manner.


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