The Best Apps for Microsoft SharePoint

microsoft-sharepointSharePoint is one of the most versatile business software applications available on the market. Its popularity over the three years has dramatically increased because of the systems flexibility and the abundance of professional apps that can be integrated into the platform with little time and effort required.

Microsoft SharePoint is a web-based online ‘Cloud’ collaboration platform. SharePoint has many uses, the most common being for document management and document sharing for business users.

SharePoint also has the capability to version control documents stored within the application. That ability to version control, coupled with the Microsoft Office aesthetics of the application (and its close integration with the Microsoft Office suite of products), make Microsoft SharePoint an attractive document management solution for organisations.

SharePoint isn't just about document management.

It is possible to extend the functionality of Microsoft SharePoint by installing apps. Apps (short for applications) are mini software programs that are integrated with SharePoint and are a flexible way for SharePoint users to customise the application to suit the needs of their organisation.

Apps range from basic ‘free' apps available to download, to comprehensive applications such as entire CRM (Customer Relationship Management) SharePoint solutions. There are even SharePoint applications available to download for smartphones, to allow business users to view documents on-the-go.

The Business Applications for SharePoint.

Below is a list of ten application for Microsoft SharePoint that are recommended for business use:

1. Shareplus


This application is available for iOS (Apple) and Android smartphones and tablets. It is available in a “Lite” (free) version and a full version that costs around £13. The free version allows users to browse documents and tasks directly from SharePoint while on the move. The full version also allows users to edit documents. Both versions can be downloaded from either iTunes or the Android Play Store.

2. OurCRM

Our CRM is a full Customer relationship management application that runs on the Microsoft SharePoint platform. It is offered at three different levels: Standard, Professional and Enterprise, and can be combined with a number of bolt-on solutions to allow organisations to customise the application to best suit their requirements. More details can be found on the official CRM for SharePoint website.

3. DocAve


DocAve is a management platform for SharePoint created by a company called AvePoint. It consists of a suite of products to enable document migration, integration and data management. These products can be purchased as a suite, or individually. Free trials are also available to download from the official AvePoint website.

4. MyView


Another great app from the AvePoint stable. MyView won the “Best SharePoint 2013 App” at the European SharePoint Community Awards. It allows employees to streamline calendar and task lists from both SharePoint and Outlook.

5. Coaxion


Coaxion is an app for iPads, available to download from iTunes. It is made by a company called Moprise, and is another app that allows users to access SharePoint documents on their iPad. The main difference is that users have the option of downloading a SharePoint document, editing it in QuickOffice, then saving the document back to SharePoint.

The app also allows multiple users to have an SSL-encrypted meeting online so that they can collaborate on a document together.

6. Quick Apps for SharePoint

Quick Apps for SharePoint

This application is created by Dell and is available to download directly from their website. It is a great app for smaller businesses because it allows quick and easy customisation of SharePoint, without the need for large IT departments. It is also quicker and faster than making custom code changes.

7. Corporate News App

The Corporate News App is available to download from the SharePoint App Store and is an open source project (which means that the application code is freely available, and improvements are collaborated on amongst the online development community).

It allows organisations to display Corporate News on their SharePoint site, using a variety of different display methods. This allows non-technical users to display news in an aesthetically pleasing way, using images and scrolling effects. Without the app, development resource would usually be required to display news in this way.

8. Nintex Workflow Online (Preview)

Nintex Workflow

Also available to download from the SharePoint App Store, the Nintex Workflow Online (Previous) app allows users to create business processes and workflows online, without having to leave SharePoint.

Previously, this workflow application had to be installed on the SharePoint server, which meant that creating workflows online was not possible. This new app offers increased flexibility for Nintex Workflow users.

9. TPG Risk Chart

TPG Risk Chart

The TPG Risk chart is a great way to visualise product risks using the classic RAG (Red, Amber, Green) statuses, in a 5X5 square matrix. It integrates with the risk list in the SharePoint Project Sites. It’s available to download for £14.49 from the SharePoint App Store. A free trial is also available for download, so you can try before you buy!

10. TPG MTA Chart


From the same company that created the TPG Risk Chart, the TPG MTA Chart is another useful tool for project managers. It visualises milestone trends, so managers can easily see how projects are progressing, and whether or not they are on track.

SharePoint is one of the most versatile business software applications available on the market today. Its popularity over the three years has dramatically increased because of the systems flexibility and the abundance of professional apps that can be integrated into the platform with little time and effort required.


SharePoint is a fantastic solution for businesses that rely on electronic documentation and following business processes to complete day-to-day office activities. As a customer service platform, there are few better available on the market. Visit the official Microsoft website today to find out more,.

David is an independent SharePoint Consultant based in London. When he isn't programming, David is writing product reviews and opinion on anything technology related.


  1. Fantastic detailed article!!! I already use a couple f apps that feature above, but there are a couple here that I didn’t know about. SharePoint is very underrated, but only by those that haven’t used it before.

  2. Great article. Many organizations utilize SharePoint for their training needs. SharePoint is a great tool for this but lacks full capability of a traditional LMS. ShareKnowledge is built on top of SharePoint and extends it’s training capabilities – combining the best of an content management system and LMS. Would be a great addition to this list for those looking to leverage their investment in SharePoint and need full training capabilities.

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