The Basics Before Beginning a Mobile Application Development Project

Mobile-Application-DevelopmentBefore you consider making an app for yourself, you should really have a look at how difficult programming is. It takes a large commitment if you wish to start programming. There is a lot to learn, and a lot of information that you need to retain. It is literarily like learning a new language, except that it is the language of machines, and there are a lot of words to use. Plus, just like learning a new language, you need to know how to put the words together and how to build sentences.

Why not try HTML programming first?

It is not exactly easy, but it is a good first step if you want to dip your toe into the programming profession. It is very easy to start because all you need is a notepad on your computer, and a bit of starter information. Once you have built a web page and you understand how the whole code system works, you should start looking into app programming.

Have a look for some rudimentary information

Ideally, your first exposure to app programming should be in a video format. You need to find a video that explains the bare basic principles to you in lay mans terms. The trouble is that finding this type of video is hard. You should try YouTube, but remember that a lot of the tutorial videos on there are of a pretty poor quality. The websites that offer good tutorials and the YouTube videos that offer good tutorials are hard to find, but are worth it.

You need to get some basic information in order to learn about the different types of programming code, the type of compilers, and the type of app that you are planning to create.

Consider how much time you have to complete it

It will take you a very long time to complete your app. It is not something that one person can do quickly. Even experts take months to complete projects on their own. It is a little bit like building a model house using glue and match sticks. You may be very good at gluing matchsticks, but that is not going to make the process move any faster.

You may need to budget your time accordingly. For example, you could vow to spend at least eight hours per week working on your app, otherwise it will consume your life for about two weeks, after which time you will become frustrated (or bored) and give up.

Plan to finish your app

On the flip side, there are people who start programming and then are unable to stop. They will create a fully serviceable app but then carry on. They will try to add new things to the app, or will try to tighten up the code, or make it more efficient, or make it use less memory, or make it more secure. And, all this time they spend could have been put to better use. So, you may need to set a limit as to how secure, efficient and how comprehensive your app is going to be so that you do not end up spending your life making the world's greatest app.

You need to pick a platform to build your app onto

The platform is going to be either Symbian, Windows, iOS or Android compatible. This is going to dictate what type of programming code you use. It is also going to dictate the types of tools, decompiles and development techniques you use too. You may have to mix different programming codes in order to make your app more compatible with the operating system of the mobile device.

For example, if you want to create an app that just hosts a stream of text that is drawn from the Internet, then you will probably only need to consider using one type of programming code. But, if you want to create a game, add Flash videos, sound effects, etc, then you are probably going to have to use different types of code in order to complete your app. is a platform where user can check the price history of mobile apps before they actually buy it at the expensive price. The website allows users to follow the apps that they are interested in, and buy when the price drops to its lowest. If the apps that they are looking for is not available on the site, they can suggest us and earn the rewards. Currently, majorly works for the apps on iOS and Android platform, and planned for windows too.

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