Stackify Review: All-in-One App Monitoring and Troubleshooting Solution

1457Stackify is a platform that provides you with all-in-one solution that encompass set of tools to monitor the application performance and once the things go wrong, it provides insight into what went wrong in the app and what is root cause of issue. It provides comprehensive dashboard to the application performance giving developers with the info they need to pinpoint the issues quickly. The developers of this application provide endless support to their customers. Let us have a close review on this app.1458

Goal of Stackify

Stackify provides support managers, software developers, and operators with a pioneering cloud based platform. This allows them to monitor the performance and find troubleshoot problems. Businesses can achieve DevOps visibility by using Stackify and resolve the problems in apps to meet customer satisfaction. The platform combines logs, performance monitoring, errors, and remote access over secure channel to provide a good interactive interface to the users. It helps DevOps team and developers to learn how data is correlated with multiple sources, thus expediting application isse resolution.

Users of Stackify

Stackify targets software developers, architects, and other people in app development. This tool can be used by any company having small or big application either based on cloud or in premise servers. This tool will perform efficiently for both.

Benefits of Using Stackify

Some of the major benefits of using Stackify are listed below:

  • It allows the user to learn that their app is down, slow or acting not as designed and the reasons for it, before their customers feel it.
  • This tool will find even the minute problems in the applications so that you can rectify them.
  • It provides developers with aggregated view of the errors and logs allowing them to see all the log statements that were capture around the time of a specific error while analyzing the severity and the frequency of error- focusing the team on issues with highest effect on customers satisfaction.
  • Some of the functionality you can find at Stackify exists with other tools, but those will be tools that doing only log only errors or only monitoring which creates the complexities, inefficiencies, and leave out a lot of the information that Stackify ties together.


Ultimate Features of Stackify

Some of the ultimate features of Stackify monitoring and troubleshooting platform are:

  • It comes with a single application centric dashboard so that you can monitor your app health from single screen and focus on the most important issue to troubleshoot.
  • It monitors and log everything from the server performance, app performance, log files, or specific thread, environment or web request, it monitors errors, databases or specific DB query and customer satisfaction.
  • It provides you with custom metrics to monitor the parameters that matter to your company and affect the app performance.
  • It aggregates logs from all servers and shows the errors and warnings in it and allow you to search through the errors and the logs and track those per app or URL.
  • It is simple setup using API or appenders for log4net, logback, nlog for the logs and errors and thin agent for the monitoring.
  • It allows IT or Ops to grant read only access to their developers for some server functions. This is a great solution for giving developers the access they need to troubleshoot application problems without giving then administrator level access or risk direct login.

Environments support

You can use this tool in efficient manner for monitoring and troubleshooting of your apps running on Microsoft and Linux based platforms. The app has got user friendly interface for both the operating systems, allowing you to monitor all of them from one platform.

What makes Stackify different from its competitors

There are many tools that offer similar functions as offered by Stackify, but each on separated non integrated product putting Stackify ahead from its competitors as being a unified platform. They have access to info that otherwise not available to the other solutions in the market.

Stackify Pricing Details

You don’t have to pay for the first month for using Stackify. You can try Stackify Trial Version for free for the first month. After that you need to pay 0.02 cents for every hour for monitoring that comes out to be $15 per server. It charges you $20 every month for 10 GB of error data and log management. You need to pay additional $2 per 1 GB for using more than 10 GB. As app world is dynamic, Stackify only charge you for what you use. So if one day you use more services or had more logs, you will pay only for that time.

This was all about Stackify. If you are an app developer or a business owner, you must check it out.

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