Spyrix Personal Monitor and Keylogger Review

Spyrix Personal Monitor is a multipurpose tool for comprehensive remote monitoring of user activity. It is specifically designed to provide detailed information on computer usage without direct engagement or poking. The system can monitor keylogger activity on social networks such as Myspace and Facebook, as well as IM messengers, web-surfing, active applications, external storage and printing activity. It is a useful tool for analyzing employee activities without direct restriction or un-professional questioning. It is also an effective parental control tool that allows parents to know what their children are doing without having to be there

Companies use Spyrix Personal Monitor as a secure way of preventing leakage of corporate secrets and data loss prevention (DLP). Most data loss prevention solutions are expensive and not cost effective for small and medium companies, and hence provides the perfect alternative. It is reasonably priced but very effective for solving any problem related to employee activity control and secret information leakage.

Spyrix personal monitor allows the owner to remotely access and monitor activities from anywhere through sending logs to their email, LAN or FTP, and then viewing the logs from their online accounts. One of its main advantages is that it cannot be detected by antivirus programs or users, and hence the subject does not have to know that you are monitoring him. It can be installed and uninstalled remotely depending on the user's preference.


There are various features included in Spyrix Personal Monitor. It monitors app activity, screenshots and uses analytics module to create a comprehensive report to the owner. The software can also monitor app activity including running games and iTunes.


Spyrix free keylogger is the main tool for remote monitoring of key stroke activity. It is a free software that allows recording of every single keystroke by the target computer users. It also captures screenshots of the active programs at any given time within pre-specified intervals and aligns them systematically. The program automatically generates a detailed report of all the programs running including the accurate timings for program opening and closing.


While spying can be viewed a violation of privacy by some people, it is an essential tool for monitoring performance and activities without physical presence. it is always critical to keep an eye on the activities that directly affect you, whether in terms of parental responsibility or company obligation.


Spyrix keylogger is compatible with different versions of windows operating systems including windows 8, windows 7, windows Vista, and windows XP. It can also be used in tablet and Smart Phone operating systems such as android and jellybean.

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