Spy Apps – Should Price be Given Priority over Quality?

rferfAs far as the money bothering is concerned, all the states of the world show almost similar type of state. Just with a degree of friction there lies a margin; otherwise one would usually find the people who bother the prices a lot.

Similarly, the information technology sector shows a picture where the price is pondered much over the quality. Generally, the factor of quantity over quality is followed. The software development caters a simple phenomenon for such approaches: As you’d that you’d get

Software Development:

It’s a vast directory of the IT sector. Software Development entangles with the resources of the computer, mobile, digital automobiles, aircraft and a number of other ventures. Precisely the world of today is nothing without the software development.

So as the homes, the major parts of the world are nothing without the software development. The home computers, smartphones, and other computerized devices can’t do anything without the software platform. All they need is a base that could run them.

Similarly, parenting of today is certainly the digital parenting. Kids are more advanced than parents when it comes to the smartphone and tablets handling. They are much aware of their functionality and features. And the word of worry even lies in the similar category that the smartphone devices have the highest ratio of catching criminal logs. Unfortunately, 91 – 96% of children become the victims of the crimes that get their support from this technology.

Spy Apps:

The developers earned the day in saving kids and bringing peace and tranquility to the parents. They came up with a satisfactory solution called the Spy App. But the Degree of Fraction that is marginal in nature comes at the same pace over this platform either.

There are a number of software developing companies and individuals that provide an enormous range of the spy apps. The so – called features are promoted to be similar in all the apps but the whole difference that lies is the price.

Some of the applications cost less while some cost at a mediocre level while some are highly-priced.

The Actual Difference:

Definitely, an ordinary parent will prefer to go for the cheapest application in the market as he would find the features advertised by different applications to be the same. Consequently, the only difference that would be for him would be the price.

But that’s not the right way to choose an application. Trust the word, such a choice would only bring loss.

The actual difference comes through:

  • Responsiveness
  • Functionality
  • Truth of specifications
  • Usability
  • User friendliness
  • User interaction
  • Device support

If an application is not able to provide relax to its user, then it’s not an app designed to help out the parents, rather it’s the one that would bring them more trouble.

User Reviews:

Reviews are generally of two types:

  • Apparent
  • Real

The apparent reviews are certainly the scams. Some developers and individuals present their websites with fake reviews, published by fake users. Though the search engines are working to bring down such heinous activities, but still there is a number of them out there. Such reviews are normally available over the website or the physical address only and they grammatically resemble each other.

The real reviews are the reviews of the users of the application. Though such comments are available on the parent site, but the third party ventures, social media, RSS feeds and else can provide with more reviews.

User reviews help choose a good application as the already users can tell about the features and functionality of the app. This helps in learning about the inner of the application and makes it easier to go across the truth of advertisements.

Quality over Quantity:

Precisely the cheap apps don’t usually hoard and provide much of the features but some do boast of having a number of features like the bug feature, while in reality there is nothing. Going to the thorny bush, application such as TheOneSpy provides a number of highly used features to its users and charges a nominal price for them.

Instead of going for the cheap, if some amount is spent more, then it’s definite that one would get a better app besides a poorly responding app.


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