SaaS Adoption Helps Manufacturing Businesses Thrive

Software fuels the manufacturing industry, providing companies with the tools that can help them to lower costs, improve efficiency and increase sales. A new report has found that SaaS and the cloud are increasingly prevalent in this sector. But what do these figures mean for the future?

SaaS in Manufacturing Today

saasMany businesses require access to cutting edge software solutions and yet lack the funds and knowledge to take full advantage of the latest programmes.

From dashboard software for customer service to CAD and other packages, such services are very important for companies that want to grow and avoid stagnation in these turbulent economic times.

A new report from MintJurtas has revealed that companies working in the manufacturing sector are turning towards cloud-based platforms to power dashboard software, distribution solutions and much more.

SaaS (software as a service) allows manufacturers to enhance productivity and also reduce costs, because it lets them upgrade to the latest software packages based on a schedule that is appropriate for their particular circumstances.

Within the manufacturing industry today, 22% of software is based in the cloud rather than being installed on local workstations or servers. It is thought that this will grow to 45% over the course of the coming decade, although penetration levels might rise even higher if the market picks up speed.

The pace of adoption could grow if the benefits of SaaS were better understood by manufacturers, as the study revealed that almost half of all manufacturers are not aware of the differences that distinguish multi-tenant SaaS services from those that cater to a single customer.

So what are the benefits of this type of enterprise software solution in view of its emergence in the manufacturing industry?

Software Benefits

The chief reason to adopt cloud software services is the speed with which it allows manufacturers to develop new products and bring them to market.

Given that manufacturers often have a quick turnover of items that need to be created, marketed and then effectively discarded, being able to achieve all of this at a faster pace than rivals is an obvious advantage.

Software that is hosted off-site also makes it easier for staff to collaborate even if they are on different sides of the world, which is often the case with large manufacturing organisations.

The result is that businesses can free up more money that would normally have been spent on procuring, maintaining and updating software and reinvest this instead to help fuel future projects.

Cost savings from modern business software can help companies to grow and prosper even if market conditions are less than ideal for expansion.

All businesses, not just those involved in the manufacturing industry, can benefit from cloud-based dashboard software and other SaaS solutions. There may be some reluctance about doing so, based on security concerns or misconceptions about the practicality of adoption, but these are generally needless and businesses should feel free to harness whatever platforms are available to them in an uncertain world.

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