Recreation Apps Recommended for Every iPhone User

Winter holidays are setting close and some of us are looking forward to utilize this time, doing what we like the most. Speaking of which, hobbies are the first thing anyone would end thinking of and for busy office goers, holidays can be a perfect timing to pursue one’s hobby. To start with a hobby is like re-visiting the warmest pleasures of time. If you still have not discovered what your hobby is, then find out what you like the most. Luckily, iPhone users have plenty of such surprises stored up in the App Store. There, users can look up for an app to find something which they enjoy doing the most. It can be anything like baking, photography, learning music, reading, etc. Relax through your Winter holidays by enjoying with your friends, celebrating with your family and taking up a hobby you have always loved to do. Here is a list of some recommended apps you can download according to your interest:

Top 4 Recreation Apps

Jamba Juice Secret Menu - To Learn Some Famous Juicer Tricks

jamba juice secret menu iphone app

This app can take you direct to the kitchen of Jamba Juice, where you can learn what’s their secret menu list. There are about more than 29 juice recipe tricks, which you can learn this Winter holiday and treat your family and friends with something new to drink. None of the recipes are ordinary juice recipes. You know by the name, right? Besides, there have been some additional updates and bug fixer tweaks that make this app itself delightful. You can also contribute information about new recipes that await to be filled up.

Master Your DSLR Camera - A Better Way To Learn Digital Photography

Master your DSLR Camera

You can look into this app, which provides tutorials to users who want to learn how to handle a DSLR camera. You already might be knowing how to operate one of those pocket cameras, but using a DSLR needs you to have some basic knowledge. The app can provide key concepts and basic knowledge about the setting system of your camera. In addition, you can learn how to fix some common image problems and how you can utilize your camera in a better way. A DSLR has many complicated button features, which a common camera user would not know much about. What better way to understand your camera than to learn from this app. Each chapter is explained into sub sections, which provide tutorials about how to be a master in photography. They provide concise information so that you can start with your practical experimentation immediately after reading. This app will be a good choice for those who have thought of taking photography lessons or want to purchase a DSLR camera for Christmas. You can download it and become an amateur photographer.

Classics - By Andrew Kazmierski

classic iphone app

Catch up with some reading if you miss how you used to read novels once upon a time. With Christmas just around the corner, the ambiance is now right for some classic tales. This app redefines digital reading by bringing you to their enormous collection of books for all ages. That means you will own an entire classic library with just one download. The app takes great care to make the readers feel they are reading a real book with 3D page flips that make it look realistic. You can also turn over the page you read, to have a little peek into the next page. Bookmarking a virtual page is easy with the Satin bookmark feature this app has, which lets you sleep in peace and catch up with your reading the next day again. From Lewis Carroll’s Alice In Wonderland to Homer’s Iliad, there are some beautiful new collections to check out for every book worm with an iPhone.

Inspire Pro - Paint What You Like

Inspire Pro Inspire Pro is an app that let’s you paint, sketch or draw anything you want. This kind of app can be used by any artist or a paint enthusiast. There are sixty brushes, you can choose from and each of them consist of six sets such as air brushes, basic shapes, graphite pencils, markets and more. You can choose anyone of them and start painting on your canvas by opting either wet or dry form. After you are done with your painting, you can show your family and friends what color and textures you have used with the Canvas Playback option. You would find it amazing to see your own creation unfold stroke-by-stroke. With the social share options, you can upload your final painting on Facebook and Twitter to let everyone be mesmerized with your creation. Apple’s App Store has other interesting apps to check out if you are looking for nurturing a hobby that has not been mentioned above. Whether you want to learn how to sing or how to cook, Apple has an app for everyone, even if that includes a health conscious one.

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