Phases of the Software Development Process

This is world of latest technology. Technology brings new evolution in the process of every field. Most of the business activities and persons rely on computer systems for their work. Computer relies on software or applications that run on any particular operating system such as Windows, Linux, and MAC. These computer systems need to give proper, accurate and reliable results to people, as they trust these automated systems.

Introduction to Software Development

The process of software development is not an easy task; it contains lots of hard work, dedication and some expertise in the field of software development. It is a lengthy process and need to follow techniques step by step. Software can be developed with the help of SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle). Software development life cycle includes the following activities:

software development phases- Analysis and requirement gathering

- Design of software product

- Coding or implementation

- Debugging or testing of product

- Deployment of software product

- Maintenance of software product

These are phases of the software development life cycle. The software developer has to follow all these phases step by step. Different strategies are used for each and every phase of the SDLC. When a software developer or software development company has to build up a software for clients, he or she has to follow some steps or guidelines in order to make an accurate and reliable software for clients. These steps are mentioned below:

  1. Planning: There is a need of planning in order to start software development process. First, the software developer has to understand the requirements of clients, what they want exactly and what issues may occur during the development process. The developer has to understand every aspect of requirements of clients.
  2. Feasibility study: In this step, the software developer has to check whether the project of software is feasible or not. Developers need to check the feasibility in all terms such as cost, functioning, time, reliability and many other terms.
  3. Product design: The design of product software is the main aspect of software development process. The product design should be clear and creative. It includes overall design of product, design of database and design of data structure. There are many different strategies used for designing of software.
  4. Coding: Coding is the critical part of software development process. Programmers using simple and effective coding methods do coding. Coding should be done according to the design of the project.
  5. Implementation and Integration: Software contains a large number of programs. Therefore, the implementation and integration of software product should be done very carefully and step by step. Programs should be integrated or combined carefully.
  6. Testing: Testing can be considered as the main step in software development process. Before launching a software product, it needs to be tested by testers and they make software product free from bugs.
  7. Installation and Maintenance: In this step, the software has been handed over to clients and installed on their computers. After installation, if there is any modification needed by clients, then this will come under maintenance step.

These aspects of software development process are followed by most of the companies (like Softeq in Houston) to provide quality services for development of software and applications.

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