PDF Editor: Here is the New way to get More out of your PDF for Just Less

PDF does not need any introduction in any way. In fact, it is the choice of most professionals. It has been found to be the best and most reliable way of sharing information. In the process of information sharing, there are possibilities of editing, removing, adding or even altering PDF documents to suit your needs. The Software most people remember is the much expensive Adobe but far from that, there is a new way to solve all your PDF editing problems and it is by using the ever reliable Wondershare PDFelement.


First of all, this software is supported by the major platforms and that means that it works with Mac, iOS and windows. You don’t not have to worry about the platform you use, it is all receptive and works well with Wondershare PDFelement. Having said that, this software is a mobile and desktop platform which offers you the opportunity to do whatever you want to do on your PDF documents without having to break the bank like you would likely do when subscribing to Adobe. This way, it gives you real value for your money.

Wondershare PDFelement developers are smart. They did well to create an easy to use and intuitive user interface without having to create some unwanted bugs that interfere into its wider functionality. Let’s make it clear, everything are well in place, the tools are well labeled and arranged in such a way that it is just easy to find. Besides, it boasts of a drag and drop feature which makes things even easier. In fact, you do not need to be a computer wizard, as long as you can handle a mouse, you are just fine.


However, PDFelement main quality comes in its well jam-packed and eye catching features. You can convert and create PDF’s with incredible speed, transforming PDF’s between popular formats like excel, word etc with relative ease. Of a truth, as much as over 300 file formats can be converted to PDF and the good thing is that they are completely compatible with Adobe.

Let us not even forget the super OCR tool which gives you the capability of turning scanned or image based PDF into a searchable, editable and selectable document. The good thing is that the OCR will also help retain the document appearance so you do not have to worry that the document will change.


Other key features of Wondershare PDFelement include password protection, application of digital signature, annotation, merging and splitting PDF files, inserting and replacing existing pages into PDF as well as other powerful features numerous to mention. A new feature, the Redact function has been added which helps you permanently remove sensitive text and images from your PDF documents making the PDFelement much more powerful editor.


The beauty of this software cannot be overemphasized; in fact, it is best you try it out and see that it is actually an alternative to Adobe. The good thing is that you don’t even need to stake your money just yet, there is a trial version which you can use to confirm how good it is. This is indeed a testament of quality, just try it now.

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