Movavi Video Editor Review

Movie Video Editor (at is one of the best beginner video editors on the market. It’s a very clean program and contains all of the basic features that you need to edit your videos. It’s also very user-friendly and it took me almost no time to figure out how it works. The interface is pretty familiar and has a very professional look to it. It is also capable of saving your videos in virtually every video format so you can upload them to YouTube or post them on your blog.

Movavi Video Editor Review

I must admit, however, that I was having a small problem when I was importing files. Initially, the program was freezing up on me when I tried to import multiple files at one time. When I lessened the files I imported the software seemed to work just fine. You can try it for yourself to see whether or not you experience this problem. If you don’t, then maybe it’s just my PC.

Movavi Video Editor Review

Overall, I really love this video editor and I really love is the price. It is one of the best easy video editors available on the market for some users. You can purchase the video editor by itself or can upgrade to their video suite for $20 more. The video quality of the videos you save is top-notch and they even offer an optimization tool in their suite that allows you to greatly increase the speed of your videos for viewers who have certain processors and graphics cards. To help you decide whether this video editor is right for you, let’s go over the features.

Movavi Video Editor Options

Movie Video Editor contains all of the features you need to create videos that are crystal-clear and fun to watch. One of the best features is the simplicity of the software. This program was obviously made for the absolute beginner which is why everything you need is in plain sight. I love the big buttons that say Import, Media, Effects, Fades, Titles, and Export. The import area and video preview area are in the perfect positions. I hate video editors that try to change this format to differentiate themselves. Don’t fix what isn’t broken.


I also love the options they give you for saving your videos. Almost every video format is covered and the end result is unbeatable. It doesn’t matter how many options a video editor offers. If the quality of the saved video is lacking, you shouldn’t use it.

The format is also extremely user-friendly. Inserting additional video clips, slide images, and special effects is a breeze. Simply press the import button, choose your media and slide the additional media into the appropriate location of your video. Even a complete beginner can get the hang of how this works in less than 5 minutes.

Effects of Movavi Video Editor

There are also hundreds of effects that you can add to your videos. This includes hundreds of transition effects. The movie actually uses the terms fades which got me a little confused for a second there. To add a fade, all you have to do is click on the one you want and drag-and-drop it between the slides or clips that you want it to appear. These effects can be used for youtube video editing also.

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One thing I couldn’t figure out is their option for adding text to videos. When I clicked on the text that I wanted to add to the video and drag-and-dropped it, nothing happened. It says type title text here but it doesn’t seem to allow you to do that. But even if I do figure out how it works, it seems like the options they give you to include text in your videos is very limited. Some of the other video editors I’ve tried literally allow you to choose the exact spot where your text should appear in a slide.

Final Thought

If you purchase their video suite it also includes a screencast program which allows you to create tutorials by recording what’s on your PC screen. These videos are fun to make and don’t require a video camera. If you are a PC gamer you can use this software to record your gameplay and can upload your video to YouTube. Almost all of the gameplay videos on YouTube have thousands of visitors.


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