Mobile Apps to Help You Lower Your Prescription Costs

mobile-healthEveryone wants to save money where they can. When you think about medical bills and prescription costs, you pretty much assume you’re stuck paying a fortune. Thanks to advances in smart phone technology, and an army of clever app designers, you can choose from a myriad of apps to help you lower your prescription drug costs. Here are a few of the handiest apps available.


LowestMed is an app that lets you compare prescription prices between all your local pharmacies. By using this app, you can save anywhere from 10 to 85 percent on prescription drugs by seeing what deals every pharmacy has to offer before you decide. LowestMed has a database of more than 900 million FDA-approved prescription drugs, and lets you see pricing from more than 60,000 pharmacies. And this app is free.

Prescription Saver

By using this Honest Discounts app, you can save up to 75 percent off any FDA approved prescription drug and the generic version of the drug as well. This app has you sign up for the savings card, show it at check out, and watch the savings roll in. You can use the price check feature to compare the prices of all your local pharmacies, and Honest Discounts will even tell you which pharmacy is the closest.

This app also comes equipped with a customer service help line, and a feature that lets you share your amazing savings on Facebook and Twitter.

OTC Plus

OTC Plus is an app designed by board certified doctors and very handy for those who aren’t sure which medication to choose. The app gives you a list of over-the-counter drugs that match the symptoms you’re experiencing. This app also offers coupons for various over-the-counter medications, and teaches you how to read and understand the labels. You’ll be better informed and be able to make smarter choices. Medication Guide

This app provides a quick and easy platform for looking up prescription drug information, identifying pills, and checking drug interactions. This app comes in handy for those who like to order cheaper prescriptions online and would like more information about them before they buy, which is covered by mostonline pharmacy’s.

The Medication Guide also has a symptom checker, an A-Z drug database for easy searching, and a question and answer tool that lets you search the most commonly asked questions. By being a better informed consumer, you can save a lot time and money.


The proud winner of a Webby Award in 2012, GoodRx lets you compare prices between pharmacies and provides money saving tips, coupons, and pharmacy phone numbers. This app can also help you locate pharmacies that offer generic versions of popular drugs for less than $4. GoodRX is a favorite among doctor’s offices and clinics for saving their patients tons of money.

Drug Guide for Consumers

This app is a handy tool for the average consumer. It is full of easy to understand information about all of your prescription needs, and it’s easy to navigate too. You can research side effects, precautions, warnings, instructions, and overdose information as well. You can search by medical condition, drug name, or drug classification. Drug Guide for Consumers also includes FDA Medwatch alerts, which will keep you up to date with new safety information about medications and supplements as it becomes available.

Some of the alerts may also contain actionable information that may alter your treatment or drug decisions. While this is a handy app to have, it does cost $24.95 in the iTunes store.

Pill Reminder by

This handy app is great for people who have a lot of daily medications to take. With Pill Reminder, you can keep track of drug interactions, side effects, and dosage. The intuitive interface also allows you to make a list of your medications and set reminder times for each one. You can also set up a schedule for a family member or loved one, so it’s great for parents on the go.

The note function lets you leave yourself reminders about each pill, like whether to take it with food. The notifications allow you to customize your sounds, add a privacy lock, and keep a running history of when you’ve taken your meds. And all of your data is kept on your personal device, so you know it’ll be safe and secure.

iPharmacy Drug Guide & Pill ID

This app has an extensive database of a lot of useful information. You can search more than one million prices for more than 6,000 drugs, see an official guide to more than 20,000 FDA approved drugs, and view more than 12,000 pill and packaging images.

You can also identify a prescription drug by brand name, generic name, color, ingredient, or even the barcode. It also labels substances that are susceptible to addiction or abuse by USDOJ schedules. iPharmacy also comes with a free prescription card that you can use at the pharmacy to save up to 75 percent on your medications, and it’ll let you know about weekly deals in your area.

Refill Buddy

Chances are you lead a pretty hectic life. During all that running around, you’re bound to forget a few things. With Refill Buddy, forgetting to refill your prescriptions is a thing of the past. You can send your refill to the pharmacy through the app itself — no more worrying about phoning it in. You can also snap a picture of a new prescription and send it to your pharmacy to be filled, or ask the pharmacy to contact your doctor directly for a refill order.

Other handy features include being able to refill multiple prescriptions at once, easy transfer from one pharmacy to another, and pharmacy locator with GPS directions and store hours. Once you have everything set up the way you like, you can save your user profile for quick and easy access.

So if you’re tired of paying through the nose for your prescriptions, or just looking for a way to better manage them, try one of these popular apps. Which apps are your favorite?

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