Review of MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition

Losing data is painful when you realize you have to pay for the recovery. Luckily, free and efficient data recovery software is a great option in common satiations, that’s why they are popular. In today’s review, we are going to talk about one of this freeware, and that’s MiniTool Power Data Recovery.


The first time I use this software, it was version 6.8, now it has been upgraded to version 7.0, with stable and enhanced features. Power Data Recovery 7.0 continues the five boards for data recovery, making itself easy to be operated by regular users without strangeness. The five boards are: undelete recovery, damaged partition recovery, lost partition recovery, digital media recovery, and CD/DVD recovery. They are aimed at solving issues caused by different reasons; users can identify the difference, and I am not going to explain further this.

The biggest change it made, at first sight, is the interface-somewhat eye-pleasing. When going on to operate it, I see a quick respond. In each board except undelete recovery, we can customize advanced settings, which allows choosing which file system and file type we’d like to scan.


Power Data Recovery has an intuitive interface, and if users are familiar with partitions, they will find it easy to operate. The scanning may take some time, and I guess this is closely related to the amount of data in the partition. A defect during the scanning process is that it takes long to display the remaining time. However, in version 6.8, I cannot minimize the window during the operating process such as long time scanning, and it’s a pleasure to see this revised in version 7.0. When the scanning is finished, we can use Advanced Filter to get more accurate result. Such as the data, file name and file size, etc.

At preview stage, I think the performance of Power Data Recovery is not 100% satisfactory. Some file types are unable to have an image preview. According to MiniTool’s explanation, these require owner’s authorization, so this doesn’t mind much. After all, it allows previewing most of the files. And the success rate for data recovery is relatively high as a freeware.


Another thing needs to point out is that Power Data Recovery only allows to recover up to 1GB data; sounds tempting, right? But if the data amount is more than 1GB, I’m afraid a personal license is required, which will spend you $69. Nevertheless, after upgrading, no limit any longer. How do users know they have to make an upgrade? They can find the information on the bottom line or when they press the button to do the recovery.

Power Data Recovery is also awarded as one of the 2016 best data recovery software in TopTenReview, but compared with Data Rescue and Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery, the company still has a long way to go. As far as I can see, the company seems gung-ho, so I can expect a more powerful data recovery software shortly.


Intuitive interface;

Free to recover 1GB data;

Works well in recovering data.


Some types of files are unable to take image preview.


To make a conclusion of what I have said, Even though Power Data Recovery Free Version 7.0 is not the best data recovery software, it is genuine for Windows users to recover 1GB data without any cost. The intuitive interface and quick response are doomed to attract many users to have a try.

If you have any questions, please ask below!