Magic YouTube Xtractor: The Most Powerful YouTube Tool to Rank Videos

YouTube is the second most popular search engine of the world after Google. YouTube is getting around 1 billion visitors every month. More than 100 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube every minute. It had become one of the best sources to learn about different things while sitting at home. If you look YouTube from the eyes of internet marketer, then you will it as a great platform to generate good source of revenue through affiliate sales, CPA offers or many different techniques.

It will be great for you, if you find the right tool to rank your videos and rank the keywords easily on YouTube. You can find the competition for a video and can then decide which video will work greatly. One of such tools that will help you out in finding good keywords is Magic YouTube Xtractor. Let us review Magic YouTube Xtractor closely.


If you want this tool to work properly for you, then your need to enter your Google Adwords login details in the tool window and few private proxies too.


Harvest the Keywords

You should click on Harvest Keyword Button.


Now a new window that had appeared will ask you to enter the keyword(s) that you wish to search for. Enter the keyword(s) in that window.


It will then ask you to sign up the Adwords account automatically and find the keywords that you wish to target or are targeting.


It will be giving you the list of few keywords that had been searched throughout the month and will also help you to see the bid for each keyword.

Find the YouTube Competition for Searched Videos

The keywords that bring traffic had already been harvested and now you can use the Magic YouTube Xtractor tool efficiently. You know which keywords will bring traffic. This magical tool will make the picture of harvested keywords clear in front of you. Click on ‘Get Competition' button.


This tool will be making a good deep research of the top 10 YouTube Videos and will then check the easiness or toughness of keyword that you want to rank. So, the lower the competition, the better will be the keyword. You can use any type of video that targets that keywords.


Exporting File and Working with it

This is the final step to generate money. You can export the file of keywords to your desktop or laptop in an excel sheet easily. You can sort any of the columns according to your wish by clicking on ‘Sort and Filter' option in Microsoft Office.


You can make use of any type of keyword that you wish to target using this wonderful tool.

Why to use Magic YouTube Xtractor?

Alexandr Krulik had developed this wonderful tool and he had been associated with different internet marketing tools like Magic Article Rewriter, Magic Submitter, and other magical tools. It is the cheapest tool that you can ever have with this quality of features. You can opt for it for lifetime for only $97. Along with this tool you will get bonus of YouTube Marketing Mind Map, Special Report to attract more customers, and Marketing Guide for YouTube. This tool is worth trying.

Buy Magic YouTube Xtractor now at a discounted price of only 97 USD and rank your videos.

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