Listen to Music and Watch Online Films with Audials One 2016

Audials One 2016Audials One is a legal software that can record music, series, movies or videos from all streaming services and Websites. Moreover, the software has a universal converter, ID3 tagger, DVD copier and player for all media.

With the Audials One streaming recorder, you can download contents from online video libraries and video-on-demand films. Also, you can download the TV series from the video libraries. You can get the right format of the videos before installing it on your device. There are 84 profiles of devices available like PC, smartphones, and gaming console.

It records everything you hear online

The music from the music streaming services Spotify and Deezer is recorded at double the speed with no loss of quality and all ID3 tags, lyrics and album covers are automatically added. So, these tags are automatically saved and added to give you a better overview of the recorded music tracks.

Audials Save Music

Search for albums in the music libraries

Users can quickly and easily listen to and download individual hits and full albums by selecting the tab "Music Search". So, Audials One becomes the reliable software where you can search for your favourite albums or videos easily.

Audials One Music Search

Audials Community

On the tab "Music wishes", people always receive the current charts, for instance the Top10 Music Video Charts from the US, the Rock Charts, Pop Music Charts, Dance Charts, US Single Charts and 80s Charts for musical enjoyment free and legal. Users can find additional music suggestions and import the wishlists of other users from the Audials Community into Audials One. So, you can search for any type of music and also add them to the wishlist.


Download encrypted videos from Netflix and Amazon

You can download the encrypted videos from Netflix and Amazon and watch the entire series from Netflix and Amazon that are automatically recorded episode by episode in HD quality. So, Audials One 2016 becomes handy when you are recording both open and protected videos to stream.


Record online films/music using Audials

The optimal recording methods for streaming services are preconfigured and accessible directly through tiles in the software to assure that the ideal recording method for audio and video contents is applied on the respective platform. So, the recording is done for both audio and video can be adapted to any device.

Enjoy the best price

The Gold subscription of Audials One allows you to keep being up-to-date and receive always the newest and best version of the software first that is fully functional with the capabilities of the current technology trend, which will help you to record and download the online music, videos or do much more. It is exclusively offered on the Website of the producer (

Features of Audials One 2016

  • You can record, convert and manage audiobooks, music, videos and copy DVD's for enjoying it on the PC, tablet or smartphone
  • Also, as mentioned earlier you can record the audio streaming. The recording of the music streamingis done with double the speed on Spotify andDeezer without any loss of quality. Itcan be done in three ways:
    • Sound record into tracks: Doesn't matter what sound card you are playing; it will be automatically recorded. So, it's independent of the site you are on and also you can record the phone voice call.
    • Record directly into tracks: This feature is made to record the tracks separately and also it will tag the artist name on the album whenever possible with the mention of the song name. So, the tracks will be automatically saved with the album name, song name, and the ID3 tags.
    • Continuous recording: This feature is made to record everything into a single track and it will not break even a single time.
  • The other feature is to record the live video. This featurehas got another 3 recording options:
    • Pick any videos: Whatever videos you are playing; all will be monitored. So, you can pick any video, which you want to record and it will be recorded.
    • Save all or any videos: All the videos you are browsing will be automatically saved and you can browse them later. If you don't wish to keep them any longer then you can delete those videos. Also, there are preconfigured tiles, which will notify you about the recording on any popular platform.
    • Screen recording: This is a cool feature of Audials One 2016, where you can record the video from the screen directly. You can use this features to record the webinars, chats, whichever online discussion in the form of a video. You just have to specify the area where you want to record and mention the start time and stop time. The software will do the rest for you.
  • With the converter, you can convert the audio and video files in any format you want to. You can choose the audio and video and specify the target file format. It will do rest for you.

Audials One Converter

How to install this software

It is very easy to install this software; all the local packages and drivers will be installed automatically during the installation process. You just have to close all the files when you are installing this software, as it may create a problem.


Audials One 2016 is a reliable software that enables you to record or save the online audios and videos with just a single click. Also, it provides you the option to record the encrypted videos from Netflix and Amazon, which is the unique functionality. Audials auto-tags the album or the track. They have made Audials as the intelligent software so that it takes the responsibility to give you the best all the times. With such tremendous features, Audials One is the best software for recording audios and videos. This is the simple software with the simple design. But, it doesn't have simple functionalities. You can do a lot of things with this software and enjoy your way to the audio and video world. You can record anything, copy and convert anything using this software, which is one of the coolest feature I have seen in this program.

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