Kik Application Review – A Good Option for Online Communicating with Your Friends

efewffKik is the recent and major development in the field of communication. It is a chat messenger that offers instant messaging services to its users. This application is one of the most preferred ways to stay in touch with your close ones. Kik chat application is available on many of the top play stores free of cost.

Before using this application, it is important to know more about this software in detail.

Advantages of Kik application

Uses Wi-Fi connection

Kik uses local Wi-Fi connection or mobile data package to send or receive messages between users. This helps in reducing the bill costs and preventing it from increasing no matter how many messages you exchange with your friends.

Thus, if you are looking for an affordable communication application, then Kik is the ideal choice for you. Due to this feature, Kik is becoming an alluring alternative to SMS and email. Kik fans have been increasing on a daily basis and have reached to approx. four million users.

Supports a wide range of platforms

Kik is a fully featured, and light in weight chatting application that can easily be installed on a wide range of platforms. This application works well on mobile phone and PC. Both of these devices with different platforms such as Android, Blackberry, Windows, etc. can be used to access this application.

The best part of this remarkable Messenger is that it does not reduce the speed of the device. This allows one to work on other applications in a hassle-free manner simultaneously.

Maintains privacy

Privacy is very critical when it comes to sharing information whether personal or professional among people. Kik application is implemented with robust security measures that prevent any leak of important information to unauthorized members. The basic way to share information on Kik is through username instead of phone number.

Phone number can easily be known by anyone, whereas username is selected by the user himself. He can make it as tricky as he wants and share it with only those whom he feels like communicating. This adds an extra layer of security to kik app. Apart from this, all the messages that have been exchanged are encrypted end to end.

Exciting features

Kik is an addition to other standard texting based services. With Kik, you can send graphics, stickers, videos, animated images, etc. to your friends in a fraction of a second. It’s live typing feature let you see your friend typing the message. This gives you a surety to receive a message within few seconds.

Notifications are provided to the users that inform about the status of the delivery of their messages to the intended recipient. Besides one to one chat, Kik also provides group chat feature that lets you create a group of your selected friends and interact with them instantly.

One more feature that kik provides to the user is the ability to connect with other social accounts in an easy way.

Easy to use

Kik software can be downloaded free of cost from Apple Store, Amazon Store and other popular software download places. The process of installation is also simple.

By providing simple information such as username, password, date of birth, photo (optional), kik is ready to be used. Kik Login provides you access to a wide range of functionalities and features to chat with remote users easily.

Kik has become one of the best social networking tools just like Twitter and Facebook. Its user-friendly interface and economical nature make it a fabulous app to build and maintain communication with friends.

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