Is It Hard To Make A Choice Between Custom Sales Apps and Readymade Solutions?

Apps Over WebsitesSales are considered the lifeblood of any business and the marketers look for ways to be ahead of their rivals. One of the ways they find is telling stories in the most compelling manner and that is why they are often the early adopters of advance technology in the mobile application development arena. At present, marketers are targeting platforms like smartphones and tablets to engage you in their stories. Here, custom mobiles sales apps come into the picture to eliminate all the barricades that you face when you have complex product to introduce or a wide-ranging product line. On the other hand, marketers too prefer ready-made apps that can be chosen as the quick start templates and task-based apps.

Custom Sales Apps and Ready-Made Apps both have equal importance for sales representatives; however, the task of opting for one of them is tough. The following read will make things super easy for you;

Custom Sales App

A highly customizable app allows you to choose what type of content needs to be spread. It can be a video or a sequence of features and benefits that actually emphasizes you presence. This practice is much better than any typical PowerPoint or keynote slides. One of the utilities of custom sales apps is to make you visible to all your customers at all times.

Custom sales apps come with many touch-friendly interactive elements including swipeable image sequences. They drag a finger across the screen, watching an animation unfold as they control it which is a wonder of mobile application development. This lets the sales executives have the demonstrate complex concepts like comparing new EMC cloud technology and process with competing or obsolete easy.

Custom sales apps are used worldwide by a number of sales persons who define it as something that makes initial sales meetings exceedingly engaging and provides the representatives a competitive edge.

Disadvantages of Custom Sales Apps

Before seeking help to get custom sales apps, you make sure that you have made an enough budget ready as this comes with relatively high development costs. Bringing custom sales apps in to the play is, although, a great idea, however, it is very time-consuming at the same time. Because putting an app idea into operation is something that requires a lot of time to shape it the way you want it.

Ready Made App Solutions

Employees can start using ready-made apps immediately once you purchase them. These cost-efficient apps let you save much as, generally, they cost you under 100 dollars. Another benefit of the ready-made template is its future proofing. A number of incredible themes come with a large active community, good support and regular updates help online merchants in troubleshooting, customizing, etc.

The convenience of regular updates provided by the vendor permits you to accept cutting-edge technologies and trends in the industry without any effort from employees. It also provides access to a user community, which enables you have a reach in their court and discover the opportunities of expanding your business. For that, you must consider an expert mobile development company.

Disadvantages of Ready-Made Apps

As far as disadvantages of ready-made apps are concerned, there is no customization and hidden costs are involved. On the other hand, the exact cost of the buy or subscription is known right from the beginning. The added features might not be needed at the start, however, would be considered crucial in the course of use and might be rather expensive.

Customer Engagement

At present, mobile sales enablement apps are a compelling tool for kinds of client interaction from meeting to transaction. If there is a functionality to capture the customer's attention, a sales app is even more competent.

Maintenance and Updates

Timely maintenance and updates are required by every app, however, it involves some cost and if you are considering developing a custom app, you must set your budget accordingly.


With an in-depth insight on the topic, we have now made it easy for you to choose one and opt out the other along with making you come across with smart Microsoft solution. However, if you still need our verdict on this then our general recommendation is that use solution available in the market for conversations, common business processes and data access, however, to consider custom software for unique business measures and planned apps because the expanded demands for specific functions and levels of security cannot be easily fulfilled by an app developed for a broad market.

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