Is Hybrid Mobile App Development right for you?

In the times when apps are blooming incessantly, it's a common argument regarding which kind of mobile app garners the most attention. As we come to think of Hybrid mobile apps, it works in bridging the gap between native and web apps and lies somewhere between both these kinds of apps. Hybrid mobile apps come packed with the features of both native and web apps, with majority of developers keenly grabbing the opportunity of hybrid apps targeting several platforms from a single codebase. Along with this you find individual native code being written for each platform on an independent level.

This way hybrid Apps save time as well as cost involved in mobile application development. But we often come across various companies and app developers indulging in app development sans following a hybrid mobile application approach. Thus, it works best to keep in mind various aspects prior to plunging into hybrid mobile app development.

Hybrid Mobile App Development

Pick Between Native & Non Native Code Requisites

As you develop an app, it's advised to sensibly pick between native or non native according to the features needed by the website. Like, in case you feel your website is in need of something, then it can be done entirely within your hybrid code, whereas if it's easily done on native, then it's best to go for native code.

Several of examples can help you make a choice between native or non native codes for specific requirements. For instance, if you require accessing customer's location or address details, then opt for non-native code over native coding.

What's the Right Time to Market Your App

You can start by deciding on how quickly you app is required to be taken to the market. Now you must devote to market depends on various factors like the requirements of features and the availability of necessary features. With necessary resources increasing, the budget will directly scale up. So, in case you intend to launch your mobile app quickly to the market through limited resources, it'd be best to go with hybrid app development as it supports you in launching your mobile app on various platforms in a limited span of time.

How Frequently Do You Need to Update Your App?

Do you feel the requirement to develop an app which needs frequent updates? Then you must update from the App store consistently going for hybrid app development. There are several advantages of using a hybrid app and one among them is that except when you require making an essential modification in the app functionality, the whole content is going to get updated from the web directly.

What Can Restrict Your App's Potential?

Few of major limitations limit the potential of your hybrid app in various arenas, such as animations, app fluidity and memory consumption. This way, native is the sole option left. Like, native apps are able to handle animations with immense fluidity as compared to hybrid app, which employs more memory as it uses device's web view.

User Interface & User Experience (UI/UX)

It's advised to make sure regarding user interface and user experience prior to opting for hybrid mobile app development. Like, if you want a great user experience, then choose the native app approach reason being a hybrid app will not capable enough of competing at the level of this kind of user experience.

Well, the best attribute of hybrid app is that it can be run on any platform and here we offer the best Hybrid Mobile App UI Frameworks, such as:

  • Ionic
  • Onsen UI
  • Intel XDK
  • Sencha Touch
  • Kendo UI
  • Framework 7
  • JQuery Mobile
  • Mobile Angular UI
  • us
  • Monaca
  • IO-The Dark Horse

The most alluring attribute of hybrid mobile apps is "write once and run everywhere" and this absolutely works in its favor. Thus, it's best to choose hybrid mobile app development however it may in turn cost you extra as compared to what you have primarily saved. At the same time, it's advised to not support your choice just on the cost of app development. This is the reason that before you go for hybrid, access all the factors like associated limitations and risks.


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