iCoordinator - A Great Way to Manage Your Projects Online

The online world is booming with new technologies and support tools for people, who are working in different industries. The project handlers might need the help of few online tools like time manager, project planner, resource & activity manager etc. to ease their efforts and get an optimum level of work. If these tools would be bundled together in a single tool then people would be able to work without any stress of searching for different online tools at different places. iCoordinator is a great project management and collaboration online tool that will help you out in managing your projects efficiently.

Your projects can be eased with the use of iCoordinator. It is the tool which itself is the combination of different areas and functionalities needed by project managers at different levels of the project. One of the ultimate features of this wonderful tool is that it comes with a desktop client as well as mobile app for iphone and Android phones. This will help you in accessing this tool from your desktop as well from the mobile interface. If you wish to get iCoordinator desktop client, you must install Adobe Air on your PC. Users can also try this for free. Some of the efficient features of this wonderful tool are listed below:

Efficient Project Management

The innovative project manager of iCoordinator provides the users with some high end features. You can easily handle different projects simultaneously. You can even plan the complete project with the help of project planner and can also use MS Project import export feature. You can also categorize all resources. Its drag and drop feature helps you to drag the activities easily. You can also attach notes to the activities, design Gantt chart, work breakdown structure, and can track the activities etc.


Effective Resource Management

iCoordinator allows you to assign multiple currency types and resource to the default working time every day. Its resource manager will further help you to analyze resource based on cost and then assign the skill sets and roles. You can even create your own resources & set the activity assignment notification to all resources. Managers can always optimally use the resources as they can see the resource utilization report and identify the over/under allocated resources.


Manage your Documents easily

iCoordinator's handy document manager will add extra features. You can get free online storage, version controlling, tree structure explorer, smart folder and Meta data access, tree structure access, file subscription etc. You are even enriched with drag and drop feature. Users can request a review for documents from one or more reviewers which initiate a workflow.


Time Reporting

Time reporting function in iCoordinator allows users to enter the time they have spend against different activities of the project from web, desktop and mobile interface. This helps users to track their time easily at any time and from anywhere. iCoordinator's time reporter helps you to fetch time reporting quickly with accuracy.

Manage your Contacts

A project generally handles different contacts for business purpose. The interactive contact manager of iCoordinator allows you to group contacts and setting the visibility. You can also convert the contacts as user. Some additional features are also provided by iCoordinator like you can send SMSs and emails from dashboard.

Other Good Features of iCoordinator

iCoordinator is really an efficient project management tool that is helping the users in different aspects of the project and most importantly . Some of its excellent features are:

  • Its Lobby & workspace feature had attracted most of the customers and had made tasking easier. Each workspace is act as a separate project space with its own different areas like document management, resource management, contact management and cost management. You can create the organizational units and group your workspaces under that. You can also export and import the project workspaces.
  • The powerful task manager of iCoordinator can manage the tasks nicely. Users can allocate tasks to each other with details and attach support documents. The instant messaging is done through its inbuilt message center.
  • Within iCoordinator you have the possibility to track the expenses against your project activities. You can track and check the actual expense against the budgeted expense and see the comparison.

iCoordinator Price

It is really a worth buying iCoordinator online project manager and collaborator. It is available in three different editions for the users. Here is the price for each edition per user.


You may contact [email protected] for any bulk orders and get good discount.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for some stunning online project management tool then you must try iCoordinator for once. You will forget about all the other tools. The quality features provide by iCoordinator are just enough to handle any project with deadlines. Also, it can provide you on time reports regarding the progress and improvements in the project. You should go for buying this tool.

If you have any questions, please ask below!