iCare Data Recovery Review

rergewgrwWhen using computer internal hard drives and partitions or external USB hard disks, important files and folders get deleted or lost occasionally? When using a USB flash drive, thumb drive or pen drive on a Windows PC, useful videos, documents and songs get wiped or lost due to unexpected not formatted error, RAW file system error, sudden extraction or computer power loss, etc? Or when using camera or smart phone Micro SD, SD, TF or CF memory card, precious photos, messages and videos are cleaned due to factory reset, security wipe or sudden memory card extraction, etc? Really need a free and efficient data recovery tool to take deleted or lost information back? No worry. The 100% freeware iCare Data Recovery is absolutely what you are looking for. It is often able to help recover unlimited data back completely.


Key Features of iCare Data Recovery Free

Honestly, this iCare Data Recovery has been upgraded into a completely new version recently which allows all users to recover unlimited data from allocated hard drives and memory cards, not the previous 1GB free data recovery any longer.

And here are the key features of this data recovery freeware:

1) A user-friendly interface allows everyone to grasp and use it quickly and easily.

2) It has been upgraded into a 100% free data recovery tool and no longer offers only 1GB of data recovery.

3) Its Deleted File Recovery and Advanced File Recovery modes help cope with most of common data loss troubles caused by accidental delete, shift delete, format, reformat, not formatted errors, RAW file system errors, memory card blank errors, virus attack or corrupted hard drive or memory card, etc.

4) It supports all widely-used storage devices, like internal or external hard drive, SSD, flash drive, pen drive, SD, Micro SD, SDHC, SDXC, TF and CF memory card, etc.

5) It also recognizes and reads storage devices with diversified branded, including Seagate, Western Digital, Toshiba, Samsung, SanDisk and more.

6) It is also compatible with common Windows and Vista operating systems.

Overall, this software is designed to help you recover deleted or lost hard drive or memory card data.


iCare Data Recovery Pro Overview

Except this completely free version mentioned above, there is also another paid version called iCare Data Recovery Pro which offers far more features:

1) The trial version offers 20MB free data recovery to help everyone do a free evaluation before any purchase.

2) It offers more data recovery modes, like Deep Scan Recovery and Lost Partition Recovery modes, to help people deal with nearly all hard drive and memory card related data loss troubles, especially related to computer lost, deleted, corrupted or formatted partitions.

3) Its deep scan recovery mode also helps recognize and recover files from hard drive or memory card that is not recognized on a computer.

4) Enter a purchased code to do complete data recovery once you do have carefully previewed the scanned information and been sure this software is workable for your case.

Overall, no matter whether you will choose the iCare Data Recovery Free or iCare Data Recovery Pro, they both do not work on a Mac computer. If you do have to recover data from a hard drive or memory card used on a Mac operating system environment, go extract it out from the Mac PC, connect it to another Windows computer and run iCare software to take chances.

Recover Deleted or Lost Files with iCare Data Recovery Software

No matter which you do need – iCare Data Recovery Free or iCare Data Recovery Pro, you’d better always decide it according to your own conditions and also remember not to save anything new on the original hard drive or memory card to avoid permanent data loss troubles.

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