How to Position Your Website with SEO PowerSuite

If you have decided to do business on the Internet, surely one of the first things that you have done has created a Web page. But little does you this website if it is not visited, don’t you think? You must prioritize, once you have your site online, make all necessary actions so this room among the first results of the search engines.

Some time ago we have purchased the pay version of SEO PowerSuite. The results are incredible. It is a very powerful and very useful tool so today I want to share with you some of its features.

If you use it with a conscience, you won’t in position your site in the top results of Google. We must work very hard and be consistent, that no doubt, but this tool helps you to direct you and give you the steps to follow.

SEO PowerSuite has 4 parts. How does it work?

1-Rank Tracker: It monitors the position of our website.

Rank Tracker

-The first is to choose the search engines where you want to see which position your website is. The most important in Spain are: Google, Yahoo and Bing.

-Then enter the keywords for which you want to position.

-The tool generates reports of position, visibility, effectiveness and evolution of key words.

-It has a very good choice of suggestions; it gives you words keys that may be useful to you.

  • Rank Tracker allows you to:

-See your ranking in more than 700 search engines

-Monitor where your competitors are

-Detect if your site has changed position with the key words entered

-Have a history of ranking

-Generate a report with details

-Discover profitable keywords

  • Advantages

-You can set if you want to search daily, or as often as you want

-It shows in which ranking are you and chosen competitors

-It shows competition and searches related to the key words entered

2. SEO Spyglass: It analyzes competitors. Learn the SEO competition strategy to overcome it.

WebSite Auditor

-Enter a keyword or URL of the most direct competitor

-It shows all links to the website of the competitor

-It shows the Page Rank of the pages that link to the site of the competition

  • Advantages

-You can go to all the places where your competitor has links and you raise yours if it has in blog comments or forums left you one, and if you are exchanging links, ask for it.

-You can choose only the pages that link to your competitors having a higher Page Rank to generate more inbound links.

3. Website Auditor: It analyzes the website and suggests changes to improve positioning.

SEO SpyGlass

-You put the address of your web site and show you all the URLs of your page. There you can choose a URL to analyze, and choose the term that you want to optimize

-Gives a report where it offers Ratio optimization, recommendations, elements of the page as H1, goals, etc., external links, internal, etc.

-To implement all the suggestions offered by

  • Advantages

-Find the top 10 of your competitors for your keywords

-It analyzes the contents of the pages of the competition

-It shows the most effective techniques of optimization

-It makes you plan to optimize your website

4-Link Assistant: Wizard to find potential partners to exchange links.

-You enter the address of your web site

-Then put the text that you would like to they should occur in links to your site and a description of the site

-Enter your name and your email contact

  • Advantages

-Get the URLs of sites where you can get one-way links, q are the best

-You get URLs to do a link exchange. The best is to take sites with PR greater than 3 and that the subject has connected with us

-It gives the URLs of pages that link to our competition

-Facilitates us the sending of mail to exchange links and help us with the registration forms

Conclusions web positioning with SEO PowerSuite

As we talked about earlier, position a website takes hard work and perseverance, dedication, time and patience.

The main actions that we need to do to get into the top positions in the search engines are:

-Have the largest possible number of inbound links (back links)

-The content update with the chosen keywords and quality content

-Optimize each item to the maximum with a good title, description, keywords, etc.

With SEO PowerSuite this task you will be much easier.

Now access this incredible tool gives you the opportunity to try it free, use it! you can download it here at

If you have any questions, please ask below!