How To Build An On-Demand Grocery App Your Users Would Love

Do you wish to come up with the next Instacart or Walmart Grocery app? If you have a brick-and-mortar grocery store and you witness a decrease in the number of customers due to COVID-19 outbreak, you must have the thought of bringing an on-demand grocery app to drive more customers. The grocery app can enhance user experience and assist you to get more visits on a 24/7 basis. It is a highly convenient option for most users as they can give orders from anywhere and anytime.

These days, thanks to a busy work schedule and coronavirus, people avoid visiting crowded grocery stores. After a long, tiring day at the office, who will like to walk into a retail grocery store if they can get the products delivered to their doorsteps using on-demand grocery apps? It is fair to mention that grocery apps save time and effort while reducing the risk of infection in the recent pandemic age.

Instacart has reached a $3.4 billion valuation in a short time and Cornshop has raised $21 million by operating in China and Mexico. As an entrepreneur, you can also grab the opportunity to establish a successful on-demand grocery delivery business while tapping undiscovered possibilities. But then, you need to keep some points in mind while developing an on-demand grocery app. First of all, you need to identify the user’s expectations and requirements. It is better to figure out the reasons why users will use your app or finding an answer to the question- how your app can make their life easy?

On-demand mobile app development is thriving amid growing competition. If you want to excel in this competitive business scenario, you need to step in the shoes of users and take various aspects into account. Your grocery app should act as a solution to various pain points of your customers. Simply put, your app should have all the features that grab the attention of more customers. Let’s go through the list of such features.

Key On-demand Grocery App Features

Ideally, a grocery mobile app should have three major components- Customer App, Web Panel, and Admin Panel. An on-demand app can have a separate app for delivery persons as well. Here are the main features of all these components-

Customer Panel

  • Registration and Profile Creation
  • Search and Filters
  • Items/Product List
  • Shopping Cart
  • Payment and Check Out
  • Order Status/Tracking
  • Order History
  • Push Notifications
  • Favorites
  • Review and Ratings

You can also include additional features like social media integration, reward program, and support to attract and retain more customers.

Delivery Person Panel

  • Registration and Profile Creation
  • Order Accept/Reject
  • Order History
  • Payment Details
  • Location/Route
  • Help

The delivery person panel and customer panel can have an instant chat or call feature.

Web Panel

  • Login/Registration
  • Product List
  • Nearest Location of Stores/Supermarket
  • Add to Cart
  • Checkout
  • View Status
  • Offers and Discounts
  • Notifications
  • Review and Ratings
  • Contact

The web panel should have features and functionality identical to the grocery delivery app.

Admin Panel

  • Product Management
  • User Management
  • Delivery Person Management
  • Category Management
  • Payment Record
  • Order Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Notifications Management

An interactive dashboard assists the admin to manage all sorts of activities to ensure a smooth grocery delivery process to the customer’s doorstep.

Types of On-demand Grocery Apps

Usually, three types of eCommerce grocery apps are available in the market. They are-

  1. eCommerce Grocery Apps

These apps are suitable for all types of users irrespective of their locations. Users can select the delivery timings as per their convenience and place the order.

  1. Personalized Grocery Apps

These apps can provide a personalized shopping experience to the users. Personalized grocery apps help users create their grocery list and enable them to share the same with the store.

  1. In-store Grocery Apps

These apps show a natural view of the grocery store. All the available products are displayed across various categories along with specifications, and the user can select the necessary products.

The on-demand grocery app can increase sales and profit for your business, but you need to keep the following development process in mind to come up with a user-friendly app.

How to Make Grocery Delivery App that User Will Love

A research-based strategy is necessary to make your grocery app popular. It is always better to take time in identifying the needs of your business and customers. You can research existing apps to find out the features they lack. You can also consult a reputed mobile app development company to know more about the useful features and functionality of your on-demand grocery delivery app. After making a list of key features, you can ask the app development company to give you a quote.

Talking about the process, it starts with planning and ends with publishing the app. You need to consider the market trends and competitor apps for defining the necessary app features and functionality. The app development company can build wireframes and show you the design of your app. Once you approve the design, the company starts developing your app. After the development phase, it is imperative to test your app vigorously to find bugs and ensure seamless user experience.

You need to make sure that the on-demand app development company that you have selected for your app project, gives end-to-end app development services. The development company should also provide app customization services and 24/7 technical assistance. Finally, you need to promote your grocery app. Even if your app has all user-friendly features and excellent functionality, it is imperative to promote it for having valuable feedback from early users and initial downloads.

Concluding Lines

Having an appealing and flawless on-demand grocery app can take your business to a new level. However, you need to do enough homework before investing in grocery app development. Once your app goes live, you can look for funding for your app or monetizing it. But then, you should give delivery services in line with your app’s excellent functionality to retain more customers.

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