How Event Registration Software Is Revolutionizing The Event Management Business

These days, more and more event management companies are using event registration software to manage their operations and provide simple ticketing solutions to the target audience. Event registration software ensures that the entire process is computerized, and this helps reduce manual workload. It's a really helpful solution for event management companies because they organize several events at the same time and it is not possible to take care of every aspect (promotion, ticket selling, etc.) by employing hundreds of employees.


There are a number of event registration software available in the market, most of which are quite affordable. In fact, if you don't have any prior experience of using them, vendors provide free demo and training to help you understand the features. If you still have doubts whether it is the ideal time to shift the event registration process online, read the following points to clear the shadow of doubt from your mind. An event registration solution offers manifold benefits and here are some of them:

1.) Fast and easy registration: Suppose you are managing a beauty pageant in which hundreds of girls from different parts of the country will participate. You can open small offices in each city and ask aspirants to sign-up or you can shift the entire process online with the help of event registration software. Participants will come to your site and fill up the digital form within a few minutes. No long queues and no need to travel. Even if a contestant stays in a suburban area, she can participate by going to the site via her laptop. All the important data goes to your database and helps you know the details (height, complexion, measurement etc.) of every participant.

2.) Improvement in attendance: All reliable online event registration software offer ticket selling facility. People can book as many seats as they wish to and pay for the tickets using credit/debit card or internet banking. Compared to ticket selling facilities at the venue, online booking ensures better attendance because people get the opportunity to buy tickets in advance and since there are multiple payment options, the chances of buying increase significantly. Besides, credit card payments often result in reward points and customers love it. Therefore, more people feel inclined to reserve their tickets online.

3.) Cost effective: You can manage a number of events at the same time without hiring new workers. The event registration software may cost a few hundred dollars but it's a one-time investment and the return on investment is really impressive. Even if you have a small team, it's easier to manage any large event, because from the form-fill-up process to ticket selling, everything is web-based. All your team needs to do is handle the decorations, food and take care of the eminent guests.

4.) Automated and immediate confirmation:
One of the biggest drawbacks of manual form-fill-up procedure is the lengthy confirmation process. You have to scan thousands of forms, choose the correctly filled ones and also inform the successful entrants that they can appear at the event. This can be a very time consuming and hectic process if you are managing a really big event. On the contrary, when event registration software is utilized, the system checks the data and sends confirmation mails automatically to the successful candidates. This instant information gives the participants peace of mind and your administrative work reduces significantly.

5.) Generation of Live reports: One of the biggest challenges of event management is to ensure comfort and safety of all the guests. When you have an offline event participation process, until the last date for entry is over, you have no clue how many people will actually turn up on the chosen date. Finally, when you get the data, you have only a few days left for the event and lots of work is yet to be done. However, online registration helps you keep track of the total number of attendees every moment. As everything goes to the database, you get an accurate count of the expected number of people coming to the event and thus can make necessary food and sitting arrangements in advance. There is no last minute hurry.

These are some of the real advantages of using event registration software for event management. It helps you work in an organized manner and increase the reach of your event. More people can participate and as a result, word-of-mouth promotion ensures the success of coming events as well.

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