GlobiFlow for Podio-Software Review

gobyflowAre you looking to automate the tasks in your Podio account, boost productivity, and save precious time? GlobiFlow is maybe the answer to your needs. GlobiFlow for Podio is a workflow automation & data visualization add-on for Citrix Podio, allowing you to boost productivity while saving money, time and sanity.

With this Podio addon you can design workflows based on the data triggered from your Podio account, export data to PDFs, send emails and SMS, generate comprehensive charts and data feeds so you can easily convert any app into JSON or XML feeds for further integration into third-party apps.

GlobiFlow for Podio is an intuitively built software ready to serve some of the most advanced requirements when it comes to business planning, project and HR management, accounting, sales and marketing campaigns. Due to its simplicity and ease-of use, automating your business in Podio with GobiFlow can be a stretch to your imagination.


Intended for both small businesses and corporations, the software can be ordered to best suit user requirements; the pricing is based on the number of flows you define and the amount of operations you plan to perform per month. Of course, the software can be tested before buying, you can signup for free trial to experience it first.

On the official page you can find useful information and tutorials on how to perform different tasks to achieve your goals while working in this user-friendly environment.

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