GetResponse vs Constant Contact: Which Software To Choose For Your Email Marketing Campaign?

When it comes to email marketing newsletters, it is obvious you want the best service possible. As an online marketer you understand the value of a great email newsletter and its power to convert subscribers into customers. But with the advent of many email marketing software, it is becoming increasingly hard to zero down on any one software. While one may provide you with great social media support, another may give you the best ROI analysis. The dilemma is practically endless.


Thus, this post is to compare the two most popular email marketing software, GetResponse and Constant Contact and help you choose the best one for your business.

E-mail Newsletter Creator

The email creator is the first and foremost requirement when it comes to email marketing. With the newsletter creator your aim is to create a unique mail content that will compile your subscribers visit your website and make a purchase decision.


  • The software offers over 500 unique themes and templates that you can use to create attractive email newsletters. You can also use over 1000 images from its archive for free of cost.
  • In case you want a unique layout for your e-mails, GetResponse lets you work on the HTML code and create your very own mail layout.
  • The editing platform is absolutely easy to use and can be worked on with drag and drop method.
  • The software creates responsive themes that can adjust itself according to the viewing platform. So, no matter whether the mail is opened on a computer or a smart phone or a tablet, it'll look equally attractive.
  • The mail contents created by GetResponse is 100% mobile friendly.

Constant Contact

  • The mail creator offers some great themes and templates to work on. Thought he variety is not as wide as GetResponse, the software provides some quality ones to work on.
  • Constant Contact let you create awesome emails sans the use of HTML. So, even if you are completely non-technical person, you can create professional looking emails with this software.
  • The email creator creates completely mobile friendly emails to give you better reach.
  • The editor interface is quite easy to work with. You can simply drag and drop various designing elements to create vibrant emails.

We recommend

Though Constant Contact offers some great features, we would recommend GetResponse as it offers many more additional features and provides a great variety on templates, themes and available images.

Result Analysis

No matter what kind of campaign you are running, analyzing the result and understanding the ROI is very important when it comes to marketing. Online marketing is no different. Whether it is small business or a large e-commerce site, without proper result analysis it is impossible to get a definitive ROI measurement for your campaign.


  • GetResponse offers the most comprehensive A/B testing method for generating your campaign results. With this feature you can test the effectiveness of practically any element, content, subject line, best time of the day to send out your emails etc. With this comprehensive result in hand you can strategise your email marketing campaign in much more effective manner.
  • The email comparison feature of the software let you compare the results of two or more campaigns on monthly basis. This comparative report is simply awesome to measure what works best for your target audience.
  • The ‘real email ROI' feature of this software shows you the exact number of sales generated directly from this campaign.
  • To give even more insight on your campaign, GetResponse gives the comprehensive report on the number of emails sent, number of mails bouncing back, number of un-subscription requests, the number of mails opened and number of clicks generated on one page. This gives you a complete picture on how your audience is reacting to your campaign.
  • The software scours major social media sites to generate the impact of your campaign on these networking sites. Here you can see the number of likes, comments and shares of your newsletter contents on these social media sites.
  • GetResponse lets you set an automated e-mail alert on regular basis with all these reports. You'll start receiving these reports on your preferred id after 3 days once the campaign goes live. This way you can monitor the performance of the campaign even without logging in to your admin page.

Constant Contact

  • Constant Contact lets you keep track of number of mails opened, content shared and clicks generated. These detailed reports are extremely useful for creating a effective campaign.
  • You can create effective survey with Constant Contact to gauge audience interest towards your campaign.

We recommend

There is no doubt that GetResponse is the king in this segment. Though Constant Contact provides you with enough analysis for a small business, GetResponse is definitely leading the way with much deeper analysis and reporting methods.

Social Media Integration

As a marketer your aim is to reach out to maximum number of people in the shortest possible time. Social Media is the best platform for that.


  • Untill very recently GetRespnse did not used to provide any social media integration. But recently the software realised there shortcoming and now it offers sharable contents for social media.

Constant Contact

  • Constant Contact provides you one of the best social media compatible newsletters.
  • You can easily post and share the contents of your newsletters on major social medias such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkdin etc. This definitely increases the reach of you campaign manifold and gives you a better visibility.

We Recommend

Though GetResponse offers social media integration, Constant Contact is way better in this segment by providing full social media sharable contents.


When it comes to business decisions, a lot depends on the price, whether you like it or not. Getting an email marketing software is no different. If you are a novice marketer and would like to try out a particular software before investing, then getting the free trail ones may help you take the decision.


GetResponse being the market leader in the email marketing software segment offers a completely reasonable pricing range, starting from only $15 a month.

  • You can also try out their one month free trail package before buying any package.

Constant Contact

  • Constant Contact offers a great 60 days free trail that you can use to understand the quality of service.

The price starts from $20 per month.

Final Verdict

No doubt Constant Contact is a great software for the beginner marketers, especially for small businesses. But when it comes to extensive campaigns and bulk emailing, this software is simply not the best choice.

Here, GetResponse is a reliable name. With an impeccable track record of zero downtime, this software simply leaves Constant Contact behind in terms of email features and result analysis. The varied and reasonable pricing range is also an added benefit.

If you have any questions, please ask below!