Best FTP Tools for Large File Transfers

Moving large files can prove difficult in many corporate environments. There can be IT limitations on data sizes, security issues, and also user issues. That's where managed file transfer software comes in. It lets businesses move large data files securely between internal networks, as well as externally to the IT network. In addition to that, most software of this type will come with advanced security settings as well as options for file management for the user - like delivery reports, digital signatures and more. Here are five recommended software solutions for managed file transfer.

Ipswitch File Transfer

One of the leading brands in file transfer, Ipswitch have a very long and reputable history in the managed file transfer (MFT) industry. More recently they have added to their software portfolio with a new cloud-based solution called Ipswitch MOVEit. This lets businesses move files using system-to-system and person-to-person file transfers. It's possible to change data resource allocations on the fly via the cloud and also let users communicate during the process using tools such as MessageWay. If a cloud solution isn't for you and your business then you can still purchase the on-site version of the software instead which is a traditional WS_FTP file transfer tool.


YouSendIt are a familiar name already with many web users and are a new kid on the block when it comes to file transfer. They only work via the cloud and lets users sign-up for a free two week trial which can be accessed via PC, Mac, tablet, and smartphone where necessary. The free version only lets users send files of up to 2MB so is not ideal for really large data transfers. Businesses would probably prefer to use the enterprise edition which is still cheap at just $12.99 each month.


One of the true big boys when it comes to managed file transfer, Axway are specialists in the business to business arena. They are a French company but have a large market penetration in the US market. The company recently ugraded their software to be more secure due to their take-over of the Vordel company who are experts in API security for mobile devices and cloud-based computing services.


This brand offers enhanced file transfer (EFT) and is renowned as being one of the most secure managed file transfer solutions on the market today. The company counts the US Army and Fortune 100 amongst their client-base so come very well recommended by organisations that need high levels of security when it comes to transferring data. The software can grow with a business, so it's possible to start with their standard solution and then move up to more advanced enterprise solutions when needed.

Citrix ShareFile

You might already know Citrix from their other IT products. They are now working in the managed file transfer niche and have the very popular product that goes by the name of ShareFile. It lets users save and synch data files over many different types of platforms and computing devices plus includes some very good compatabilty options for the Microsoft suite of products. It's possible to send file sizes to a maximum of 100GB. Citrix have also recently partnered up with the NetApp Company which gives ShareFile additional options which should appeal to enterprise users.

Cleo Harmony

Cleo's managed file software solutions are easy to install and very user-friendly, and lets a company streamline all of their data integration tasks. Their existing client testimonials tend to praise their ability to up-scale their Cleo solution so this brand is a very good solution for start-up businesses or smaller operations that want to be future-proofed.

This information comes courtesy of Jane Howells, an expert on managed file transfer solutions. If you are looking for a more details on managed file transfer and need a solution then she recommends Pro2col-reseller of Managed File Transfer solutions.

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