Explore Pros and Cons of Kotlin for Android Development

Of course, Java is a well-known language for Android app development. Meanwhile, the emergence of Kotlin as a programming language for creating Android applications changed the entire scenario. Now, the language gained its huge popularity among developers for being simple to use and easy to implement for development work.

The year 2017 marked as a new era for Android application development, as this year, Google made an official announcement that it’s going to support Kotlin. It created a stir in the Android app development world and made Kotlin as the most preferred language for creating Android apps. As of result, the craze of Java among Android developers witnessed a major fall.

Developed and launched by JetBrains, the new programming language Kotlin is an open-source and a statically-typed language. According to JetBrains, the new programming language is also able to spell impressive outcomes, when it comes to creating iOS applications.

If experts are to be believed, Kotlin has a bright future and it will not be confined only for Android app development. The fast-growing popularity of Kotlin kicked off the debate like Kotlin vs Java. People started comparing these two programming languages by going through their advantages and disadvantages.

In this blog, we are going to let you explore various advantages and disadvantages of Kotlin. And will help you know why Kotlin is said to be a better programming language than its predecessor.

Pros and Cons of Kotlin for Android App Development

Since the inception of this programming language, it garnered major support from developers who found it better than Java for having lots of advantages.

Pros of Kotlin

Improve Productivity of Team

As a Java-based programming language, Kotlin fixes several issues of Java and simplified the Android app development to a greater extent. Kotlin is known as a clear, compact and top language and is blessed with concise and clear syntax.

Developers using Kotlin language often put less effort than those who pick Java for developing Android applications. This way, it increases the productivity of the entire team and makes the app development fast.

Ease of Maintenance

Another great advantage of using Kotlin as a programming language for Android application development can be described as ease of maintenance. The new programming language gets stellar support from multiple IDEs, which include Android Studio and lots of other SDK tools.

It is indeed quite helpful in maximizing the overall efficiency and thus productivity of programmers since it is capable of dealing with toolkits, which are already in use.

Interoperability with Java

This is another great advantage of Kotlin. In fact, the new programming language is known to be fully consistent with Java and lots of other related tools. It enables developers to easily switch to any of these two programming languages.

In case, if developers are not able to write your application in Kotlin, then there’s a possibility that they can use both languages simultaneously.

Easy to Grasp

Since Kotlin includes simple and clear syntax, developers find it easy to learn and grasp everything in a proper way. Kotlin is a Java-based language aimed to improve the features of Java.

Less Buggy

Developers use Kotlin for coding Android apps often write clear and compact code that makes their job quite easier and also increases their efficiency. It also helps developers in providing a highly stable code.

Besides, the compiler, on the other hand, also identifies some possible mistakes at a compile-time span sense. This is the reason, it makes Kotlin as the safest substitute of Java.


Launched first in the year 2011, Kotlin is called a highly matured language. Since its inception, the new programming language has undergone various stages of Alpha and Beta, before the release of the final version.

Cons of Kotlin

Slow Compilation Speed

While talking about the cons of Kotlin, it’s important to discuss compilation speed. Well, the new programming language. Though Kotlin works faster than Java, especially in the case of performing incremental builds. When it comes to compilation speed, it is slower than Java.

Limited Resources for Learning

Another major drawback of Kotlin is that it lets developers access limited resources for learning. The main reason is that the new programming language is blessed with limited resources of developers for learning.

Availability of Limited Kotlin Professionals

Even though Kotlin is an emerging technology for Android app development, you will find only a few options when you hire Kotlin developers. It sometimes discourages businesses to go with Kotlin development.

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