EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard 11.0 Review

On the market exist so many recovery software for windows and mac computers are available. If you have ever deleted some of your important files either accidentally or due to some virus attack or any other causes, you know it’s a pain in the ass.

Data recovery software can come handy in these cases. I’ve tried some data recovery software but I like EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard most. In three easy steps I’ve recovered my lost contents.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard has a windows 10 version as well as a mac version. I’ll describe here the three easy steps it took me to recover back my lost files.


1. The simple installation process

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is very easy to download and to install. It’s installation process is entirely performed by a setup wizard. You just have to launch the setup wizard; select some options to install it on your laptop.
Once the installation is complete, the software will open byitself.

2. Finding my way around the recovery software

EaseUS software is easy to navigate. There’s no menu bar. Instead, I found some icons on the top-right corner of the software.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard always starts at “Home”. From there, you can choose the type of files the recovery software should scan. It can scan for graphics, documents, audio, email, videos and other unspecified files.

Once you choose the type of files you want to recover, you’ll be prompted to choose where the software must scan. It can be a Hard drive, a memory card, a USB drive or any other support.

Next, you can either choose a quick scan or a deep scan.

A quick scan does scan a number of files but it doesn’t go as deep as a ‘’deep scan’’. A deep scan can find 100 times more files than a quick scan.

Once you click ‘’Scan”, the file recovery software Start a quick scan. Not to worry though. You can always reverse it to a deep scan. A deep scan contrary to a quick scan does take much time but it does go deep in the search.

3. Recovery options

After the scan, You have the option to either save the results for later use or recover the files automatically.
You can right-click on each file to recover it.

You can also select all the files you want to recover and click on ‘’recover’’ in the bottom right corner of the recovery software. After you choose the recover option, you will be prompted to choose a disc to recover your files.

If you choose to save the results for later use, you can click on ‘’export scan status’’ to save the results. Later on, you can import it with the ‘’Import Scan Status” Button.

While using EaseUS Data recovery software, I’ve noticed that it’s CPU intensive. Both the quick and deep scan consumes much CPU resources. Using the recovery software can hinder you from doing another CPU-intensive task especially, if you choose the deep scan option. I’ll advise you to go for deep scan in your idle time.

EaseUS Data recovery makes life easier now. No more sad stories after hard drive infections or accidental file deletion.

If you have any questions, please ask below!