CyberStockroom Online Inventory Management Software Review

frferManaging a small business may sometimes turn out to an exhaustive and strenuous task requiring a host of resources in terms of personnel, time, and money. Business owners and managers must consider straightforward and easy solutions to cope with these challenges.

If you are a small business who need to manage your assets and products across several locations, then CyberStockroom (seehomepage) may prove a great addition to your arsenal. Based on an easy-to-use and engaging “Map-style” model, CyberStockroom is an asset management and online inventory solution for growing businesses.

The concept of this software is pretty simple but very efficient. Users can setup virtual maps of their locations and add products to those specific locations and sub-locations in a hierarchic structure. As CyberStockroom is based on the drag-and-drop technology, moving products from one location to another can be done with a click of a mouse, allowing users to quickly manage and instantly visualise the items distribution across multiple locations (see:


Among the main features, worth mentioning:

– map view
– inventory management and optimisation
– cycle counting
– mobile access to the service
– reports and statistics
– worldwide access to the service without the need of a software or any specific configuration
– data import and export
– customisable categories, fields, functionality, and user interface
– multiuser

See a demo video here:


All the information is stored in the cloud, thus you don’t have to download or install any software on your computer. Hence, asset and product management console can be opened in any modern Internet browser and used from any location across the world.

Security and integrity of your information being stored in the cloud are ensured by daily backups and the risk of accidental data loss is quite inexistent.

CyberStockroom is committed to ensuring their clients with high privacy standards and access to your account and inventory by 3rd parties won’t be a matter of concern.

The service has 14 days free trial period and you may subscribe to one of the affordable paid options of $19, $59 or $199 per month. Click here for more pricing details.

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