Create a niche fitness video subscription site in 2017 with Streamhash

Online content was earlier limited to images but that is not the case anymore. Today, people are more interested in watching video content rather than reading an entire page of information. This is the reason why almost every top company is focusing on distributing tutorials in video formats.

The popularity of videos doesn’t stop here. Thanks to approximately 1 billion users registered on Youtube, companies all around the world have taken the plunge and started streaming video on demand. The best examples of such services are of course, Netflix and the latest addition to the block – Amazon Prime Video.

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The prices of video on demand (VOD) streaming are low when compared to how much a person pays for cable TV every month. Moreover, Video on Demand services are the best avenues that let you access uncensored video content and that too legally. The types of videos that a video streaming site can upload and share with their users also depend on them. Anything from entertainment, feature films, educational programs and even live videos can be uploaded on these websites.

Benefits of video on demand websites

Myth: If you have the idea of creating a website where you could stream videos on demand and only to users who bought the subscription, then you should put in a lot of resources and developers.

Reality: Thanks to advanced technology today, you can easily create video subscription website.

Concept of Web Series – Convenience

Video subscription websites have also popularized the concept of web series. A finite number of episodes are aired by a channel and you can either view it online or download it for later viewing. People who are new to this concept and have not yet accustomed to it should learn more about it. In a world where people are busy scrolling through different videos online, starting your own video subscription website could earn you huge profits.

The reason why people are opting for video on demand is because of the convenience. A person can even save a live video and watch it later at their own convenience instead of waiting for the time it will be streamed or aired.

Types of video streaming websites

Essentially, there are two types of sites: Subscription based sites and non-subscription sites

Anyone can create video subscription website with the new video streaming suite called Streamhash. Subscription based website are the ones which stream licensed content. Netflix is one example of this type of subscription based website. A person needs to pay a monthly or annual rent to stream the video content of these websites.

The other type of video streaming websites is the one which host videos that are uploaded by registered users. These types of video sharing websites are more common as they don’t require any subscription. They make profits from the number of views on the website. Your very own leisure website – YouTube and Vimeo are the best examples of these types of websites.

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The right place to start your video streaming website

It is 2017 and if people can’t make their own video on demand or video subscription website the question is: has technology really progressed? Streamhash has the required video streaming script and other tools which you will need in order to create and host your own video on demand website.

Streamhash is the dream come true video streaming business suite for people who want to take their business to another level.

It has the top of the line video streaming scripts which will enable you to post high quality videos online. The graphics and themes that StreamHash provides are also exceptional. Moreover, your subscribers will be able to watch all these videos with minimum or no buffering time.

Fitness video subscription websites are very common today and if you have already started your fitness blog and want to share your workout routine with your audience, then a fitness video sharing website will be the right addition to your profile.

Everyone wants a perfect body and people are looking for a right website to follow. If you can provide them with all the right workout videos they are looking for then create a video subscription website for them.

Get down creating your very own fitness video subscription website

Streamhash is one of the most affordable turnkey software which helps you create video subscription website.It is great for people who are limited with their budget. Instead of looking for developers and then telling them about your entire plan and design for the website, with Streamhash, you can get started within no time.

You will not only be reducing your costs to one-fifth of the price of hiring a developer but you will also be saving a lot of time. Some of the commendable features of streamhash which help you create your very own fitness video subscription website are:

  • Unique and Exceptional Design: You can get an exclusive design for your fitness website on Streamhash. The design will be compatible with every platform including Android, iOS and web.
  • Three Themes: Streamhash is currently providing you the option of toggling between three different themes. However, you will have to stick to only one type of theme to create a brand image that will stick with your audience.
  • Search Engine Optimization: You won’t have to think about the SEO requirements for your apps. This will be customized by Streamhash itself.
  • Security: Security is another feature which Streamhash has taken care of. You can easily navigate to every part of your website right from your admin panel.
  • Web Links: If you already have another video streaming website which you want to link to the one you will be creating with Streamhash, then there are simple instructions for doing that as well. Streamhash has made the option of uploading Youtube links or any other web links to your system directly.
  • High Performing Servers: It also has different servers for your video streaming website.

With all these top-notch features available on Streamhash, you can set up your website within a couple of hours.

One of the superior features of Streamhash which sets it apart from other sites is the script programmed in LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP version 5.6) framework.For streaming videos, Nginx servers are used. To facilitate real time messaging on Android and windows, RTMP (Real Time Messaging Protocol) message format is used. As far as messaging on iOS platform is concerned, HLS format is used. Coming to the design department, Streamhash leverages Bootstrap framework to make all the three themes mobile responsive. To send emails, the framework of queues is used. This video sharing script has made it possible for every video website owner to actually organize all the videos in different categories easily.

To facilitate un-interruptive streaming on Android platform, the following technology stack has been integrated:

  • GCM – Google Cloud Messaging
  • Facebook API
  • Google API
  • Green DAO
  • Easy Permission Library
  • YouTube Player
  • Giraffe Player

Streamhash has both a web platform and a great interface for creating your mobile app as well. These two platforms will bring you users from all across the globe. All the features of Streamhash are bundled into an affordable package to make your life easier.

Fitness websites cannot do away without video streaming websites. If you really want to make a different and teach your audience everything you know then a video on demand website which is subscription based is the right idea. Not only you will be giving the right tutorial videos to your users but also earning your rightful profit by making it subscription based.

If you have any doubts and queries, feel free to drop a line or two in the comments section. I shall reply in a day or two. My best wishes are with you and your niche fitness video subscription website. Cheers!

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