Common Mobile App Development Mistakes that can be Fatal for the Success of Your Business

Is your business in the need of a mobile app? You need to have an action plan to create an app that meets your customers’ needs. You must planning to get all the steps right in the first effort itself. Mobile app development companies often make mistakes that ruin the entire experience of using the mobile app for the users.

Mobile apps act as an important part of a business these days. This is the major reason why it is so important for businesses to solve even the smallest of queries of the users and take it all up as a challenge. If you are not able to do that successfully, there is a major chance that your users will move from your app to your competitor’s app. It is that simple. Take a list of all the common mistakes that are made while mobile app development.

1. Lack of Research

If the buyer persona you have in your mind is even old by two years, then you need to think about it again. Buyers and their needs change almost everyday. This can lead to a change in the way users buy and use certain products and apps. You need to look at and update buyer personas quite regularly. For this, you will need to reach out to your audience and understand their behaviour. Understand what they need from your app, what are the features they expect you to have in your app.

2. Not Testing Your App

Not testing your app enough times is probably the biggest mistake you can make in the mobile app development process. There have been so many apps that face problems on the app store due to not enough testing done in the development stage. There are some companies that still make the same mistake of not testing the app. The quality of your app is important as it represents your brand. You can expect positive growth for your company by testing your mobile app for usability and experience loopholes.

3. Developing a Single-platform App

If you end up developing a mobile app for a single platform in the age of cross-platform app development, then you are missing out on a lot. Now most companies have a preference of developing a cross-platform app for their business. Android and iOS cover the majority of market share. This makes it more desirable and easier for businesses to develop an app for both the platforms. Users are constantly changing their mobile devices, so if you do not offer an app that runs on both the OS, then you will out on a lot of potential customers. Cross-platform app development will allow you to develop apps across operating systems which will be both faster and cost-efficient.

4. No Pre-marketing

For people to realize that your mobile app exists on the app store, it needs visibility. This can only be done through pre-launch marketing of your mobile app. You cannot wait for your mobile app to be completely ready and out there on the app store and then start with the marketing strategy. You need to start marketing your app even before it is launched. This will help you create a buzz about your mobile app and will also make it easier in penetrating the market once it is launched. There are many ways to pre-market your app. You can either do it by advertising or by making use of social media platforms. For this you will need to focus on the buyer persona.

5. Not Taking Hidden Costs into Consideration

There are several costs in the mobile app development cycle which are not visible or known in the beginning of the process. Most companies think they will start shelling money the moment their apps reach the app store. But there are several costs involved in this which are often required to even create a buzz for your app. These costs are dedicated to advertising and marketing, content development, cost of maintenance etc. (You may also like –How to edit a PDFFiles).


These are some of the most common mobile app development mistakes that can hinder the success of your mobile app and business. This is why most companies prefer to outsource mobile app development requirements to mobile app development agencies who are well-versed with all the requirements.

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