Cisdem OCRWizard 4 Review: An Effective Mac OCR Application for Everyone

Apple products have always been a priority among tech lovers. The company gives its gadgets a unique design and interface that can beat all the other products in the market. However, we all have faced some technical issues with our Mac which sometimes makes it difficult to use. Cisdem has introduced the OCRWizard 4 to solve one of the major problems Mac users face on a frequent basis. OCRWizard 4 lets every Mac user convert any PDF, scanned documents or image file in over 40 languages into searchable and editable files in a range of formats for easy editing and sharing. Let’s take a look at the different features this amazing tool has to offer us.

Why you will Love Cisdem OCRWizard 4?

Cisdem OCRWizard 4 is a tool that enables a Mac user to convert any PDF file, scanned document or an image file into an easily editable file.The tool is designed in such a way which makes it easier for users to access the software without much efforts. Also, it doesn’t interfere with any other applications on your Mac and can achieve up to 99.8 percent character recognition accuracy level. The major plus point of OCRWizard 4 is that the product comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. The tool is equipped with effective features that save your valuable time and efforts.

Topnotch Features of OCRWizard 4

Cisdem OCRWizard 4 has various unique features which makes the software a top priority among Mac users looking for a convertible tool. Here is the list of features the software comes with.


Edit & Search the Native/Scanned PDFs at Ease

When it comes to editing a scanned file, we all become helpless. It becomes difficult to find a method with which you can edit a scanned file. To solve this issue, Cisdem with its OCRWizard 4 software, lets a user edit a scanned file with ease. You also don’t have to worry about encrypted PDF files as the software easily converts them into exact editable copy of the originals.


Now Convert or Correct the Scanned Photos/Images

We all know that correcting image distortion is very tedious and a time consuming task. But OCRWizard 4 makes the task simpler for users. Now, you can correct and convert any images taken from digital cameras, smartphones or snapshot. The tool lets you rotate, crop, invert, adjust brightness, sharpness, contrast, saturation and convert images into a wide range of formats.

Organize your Business Cards Efficiently

OCRWizard 4 tool helps you to accurately recognize all the information from the pictures of business cards without typing every single field in your Mac address book. The software also enables a Mac user to recognize as well as share all the information of a mail, messages and even AirDrop. Managing business cards has never been so easier and it is just one of the many uses of OCRWizard 4.

businesscardThe Documents can be Exported Virtually in Desired Format

One of the best features that OCRWizard 4 is equipped with is that it can export documents to virtually any format. It is very easy to Convert PDF documents to virtually any format including PDF, RTFD, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, HTML, TEXT, ALTO, FB2, EPUB, ODT, PAGES, KEY, PNG, BMP, TIFF, JPG and GIF using this software.


Color Markings on Different Regions of OCR

Another feature of Cisdem OCRWizard 4 you will love is that it analyzes all the content automatically and marks the region in different colors based on the parts. The image part is marked in red, text part in green whereas the table part is marked in purple color. You can also manually edit or adjust the regions for your convenience.


Edit & Correct the OCR Efficiently

With OCR editing and correction, you can manually handle different regions. It allows you to add a region when a paragraph isn’t correctly marked or delete an unwanted region. This tool is so flexible that it lets you edit a region, drag to adjust sizes of regions and even lets you add or delete separators for tables. Such editing and correction features are important for an OCR application like this and this feature is heavily leveraged upon by power users.

Original Layout Retention System – Manage your Files

Cisdem OCRWizard 4 helps you achieve maximum productivity with original layout retention system. It gives 99.8 percent character recognition accuracy level that enables a user to reuse the file, update or share it without the need of manual retyping or corrections. You can also add documents and merge them into one. This had never been much easier than this. Very few software tools allow the retention of the original layout and OCRWizard 4 is one of them.

More than 40 Languages Supported

Let language be no barrier while you are trying to convert a file. For the same purpose, the OCRWizard 4 is made available in more than 40 different languages. This ensures that the software can recognize these many languages and even convert the files in them. Those who use multiple languages will find this to be an amazing feature, something which no other OCR software provides.

Over 40 Languages


The Cisdem OCRWizard 4 can be bought at a price of $59.99 which has been appreciated by its users. For the value that it provides, the cost is completely justified. It is also available at a flat 30% discounted rate just for a few days so if you want to buy it, there can’t be a better time to do it. For those who are still not convinced about its merits, they can go for a free trial which is a great way to explore the software before you spend your money and purchase it.

The Last Words

Cisdem OCRWizard 4 is one of the most convertible software you can find for Mac. This application can save your valuable efforts as well as time. Converting files into editable documents and then saving them in any virtual format is a feature the software is equipped with. There are hordes of great features available and with the price it comes in, OCRWizard 4 is undoubtedly an effective Mac OCR application.

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