Choosing a Background Remover App in 2021

Have you ever snapped a picture that turned out to be practically flawless? No shaky movements, closed eyes, or poor lighting – an almost Instagram-worthy picture, except for one major issue: something obnoxious is lurking in the background. We’ve all encountered backgrounds that we wish we could erase or enhance, whether it’s an oblivious bystander or a misplaced palm tree poking out behind your head. This is where a great background remover app can help you out.

Back in the early days of social networking, if you weren’t a Photoshop, there wasn’t much you could do about an unattractive or distracting background. However, things have changed in 2021. Today, dozens of apps allow you to change the background of a picture for android, iOS, Windows, and other platforms. You can adjust, edit, and even remove less-than-ideal backgrounds within seconds!

However, not all background removers produce the same results. The quality of image cutouts and the time required for removing and changing the background in one app may significantly vary from the other. Background removal cost and features also differ. This makes it important to consider your options carefully and choose a free app to quickly remove the background.

This blog will look at how to choose the best background remover app in 2021 to modify, edit, and delete the backdrop from an image like a real pro.

Slazzer – A Simple Way to Removing a Photo’s Background

With hundreds of apps available in the market, choosing the best background remover can be more difficult than you may have imagined. Many people spend a considerable amount of time switching from one app to another until they find the right background removal tool. Unfortunately, this approach can be costly and ineffective.

Plus, in today’s world of instant gratification, individuals and businesses cannot afford to spend time trying and testing multiple apps. Therefore, we bring you the ultimate background removal app that is guaranteed to produce excellent results every time: Slazzer.

Slazzer is a cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence solution for removing backgrounds from photographs. It is a well-established photo post-processing tool. It is a fully-automated background removal tool that promises a simple way to prepare photographs for subsequent editing. It allows you to cut, color, scale, and do a lot more with your images to get professional results.

How to Choose an Instant Photo Background Eraser

Wondering why Slazzer is at the top of our background removal list? Let’s look at some of the key elements to consider when choosing a photo background eraser and see how Slazzer ranks on the scale.

1. Technology

The kind of technology employed by the background removal tool makes all the difference in the quality of cutouts. Slazzer employs powerful computer vision algorithms to quickly distinguish the foreground subject from the backdrop. The algorithms are complex but work quickly to the most accurate and natural results.

The usage of AI technology ensures that photographs are processed more quickly and with less effort on the user’s part. This is particularly useful for industries that require thousands of high-quality photographs for a variety of purposes.

2. Easy-To-Use

User-friendliness is one of the first things to consider when looking for a paid or free app to remove background. You don’t want to be stuck with an overly complex app that is difficult to use – even if it gives satisfactory results. Ease of use and convenience should be a top priority when choosing a background remover for image optimization.

The good news is that you can avoid a difficult learning curve with Slazzer. Thanks to the intuitive design, Slazzer is extremely easy to use. So, unlike other professional photo editing tools, such as Photoshop and Illustrator, Slazzer doesn’t require you to spend learning and mastering the image removal techniques. However, it will still produce professional-level results.

You can download the app or visit the Slazzer website to start removing image backgrounds like an expert right away.

3. Cost-Effectiveness

Are you looking for a free app to remove the background? Slazzer has got you covered. The free background erase app is ideal for personal use and manipulating low-resolution images. Paid subscriptions and top-up options are also available for higher resolution photographs. Additional bundles are available for enterprises that allow you to process thousands of photos in a single go.

This is notably economical for photographers, developers, designers, individuals, and other businesses who deal with a few hundred to thousands of photographs per month. Moreover, you can try the free version to test the quality of the cutouts to witness the amazing background removal capabilities of Slazzer before opting for a paid version.

4. Background Removal Time

Whether you are working on a personal or a professional project, we know time is always of the essence. Therefore, make sure you consider the background removal time of the app you choose. Depending on the app and image you choose, the time required to create clean and clear images cutouts could be anywhere from a few seconds to many hours.

Luckily, Slazzer is one of the fastest tools that provide multiple background remove and change options. Depending on the image quality, the normal Slazzer rate limit is 20 to 500 images per minute. It takes about one second to process each Megapixel. Consequently, you can have an excellent quality result in a matter of seconds.

To take things a step further, Slazzer also offers Bulk Processing capabilities. You can download the Slazzer Bulk Background Remover app for Mac, Windows, and Linux or opt for Slazzer Infinity – a ground-breaking desktop app that allows you to modify thousands of photographs with no restrictions. It’s a game-changing product that reduces processing time and boosts design efficiency across the board. You’ll be surprised at how simple it is to use!

5. Uptime

Slazzer aims to create an automatic background removal system that can be used on any image. Sounds simple enough, but if you’ve ever done the work manually, you’ll know there are numerous problems depending on the image you choose. It is easier to erase a plain background than a complex background with a lot of details.

Things aren’t much different with automatic removers. Generally, hair and translucent items or reflections make things even more difficult. This makes it important to choose a background removal app that works for most – if not all – images and has a high uptime.

Slazzer is currently working on a range of photos and scenarios. Some customers claim a success rate of 99.9%, while others claim that 4 out of 5 photographs function well. A lot depends on the photographs you submit and the quality level you require.

Customers with monthly subscription plans of 10,000 credits or more are eligible for our guarantee program, which is another perk of Slazzer. It entails that you only pay for photographs that meet the quality level you specify.

6. Top-Level Security

Privacy and security should be your priority, whether you are removing background from your selfies, family photos, product images, or marketing material. Make sure you opt for background remove and change tools that offer top-level privacy and security.

Slazzer provides the highest level of security, encryption, and privacy. It is GDPR-compliant which means you can trust Slazzer with your images. Moreover, you can rest assured that your photographs will never be used to train the AI.

However, if you wish to contribute your photographs to aid and enhance the Slazzer A.I., you can do so when you provide feedback. If you give Slazzer a “thumbs down” rating, Slazzer may ask if you want to submit your image to help improve the AI in the future. This is fully voluntary, and it’s quite fine if you don’t want to engage in the Improvement Program.

The Bottom Line: Get Professional Level Cutouts with Slazzer

Slazzer is the finest tool that changes the background of a photo online — free and automatically. The AI technology ensures a flawless experience, so the results are always fantastic. Plus, the free tools and the affordable paid versions are particularly appealing, especially since you are guaranteed to receive professional-quality images every time. Visit Slazzer to work with the best background remover app in 2021.

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