Best mobile VoIP apps for smartphones

Voice over Internet protocol that also goes by name VoIP has come to the rescue for those who believe in talking on call all day long but are restricted because of the high call rates and bills. It is one of the most easy and low-priced mediums to communicate and talk over large distances with great quality.

There are thousands of messaging apps that have come up with the options of Audio and Video calling but what makes the difference is the quality and features. We have selected the best android apps for VoIP that can enhance your Video calling experience.



Unquestionably, Skype has been the most popular app for voice and video calling. It has been ruling the PC and laptop since many years before venturing as mobile app for Android apple users. The quality of Skype's call is excellent, the basic Skype to Skype service is free and video calls are easy to make and user-friendly.

Rebtel has enjoyed a great deal of success in its procession since it was developed. It has all the qualities to be in the category of best; it is cheap, affordable and easy to access application. You can call any other individuals with great voice clarity and low rates. It is widely used when travelling because of its brilliant quality and connection.

One of the best features of this app is that you can send low cost SMS with local Rebtel numbers that can be saved on your international calls anytime without even using 3G or Wifi connection in an around 50 other countries.


Viber has been in the names of the best VoIP for its exceptional call quality. If any one is looking forward to enjoy upgraded call quality, one must shift to Viber to experience the efficiency. Apart from a great call quality other most important feature of this app is that it uses minimal battery life and can run in the background even if other applications are in operation. This helps in letting you know that someone is trying to contact you even if you're busy using some other application on your phone.


WeChat comes with instant messaging, Voice calling and good quality video calling services for its users. The user interface is not that easy to go but for any tech-savvy mobile user, getting accustomed with it won't be a problem. WeChat is among the popular VoIP applications especially for its voice calling service. Voice calls in WeChat are quite different from voice calls in other VoIP apps. In it, they are in half-duplex. It functions just like a walkie talkie. You can also easily send text messages to other Wechat users around the world for free.


Fring is a new VoIP app that has some exceptional features that other VoIP lacks. It allows its users to create a buddy lists and chat with multiple people within a group at a same time just like conferencing on calls.

This application is free to download and can be used with all the networks after being connected to a 3G, 4G or Wifi. Fring app is gaining popularity among masses as its also act as a social networking app with many other features.


Tango has outshined itself even after in the presence of many famous VoIP apps such as skype and Viber. Tango has now become a brand name just like skype. The reason for its popularity is user-friendly interface and call quality. The app runs efficiently in background and doesn't hassle much with the battery of the phone. It works flawlessly on a 3G, 4G, or a wireless network and also allows calling over the Internet without any extra charges. It gets started easily once you download it and sign up for the app.

These are some of the best VoIP apps which are solely present in the market to provide best deal to its customers in terms of great call quality and being user-friendly. The Voip apps has eased the life of many who were submerged under the burden of rising prices of call rates internationally and diminishing quality of network. One can call and be connected to anyone around the world globally through these apps without thinking about their pocket as it majorly cuts down the roaming and transfer services charges over international calls.

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