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Best International Travel Apps

Applications are a relatively new invention, but one which has caught on with epidemic-style. If you would have mentioned the word ‘app' to someone in 2006, they would have looked at you and thought "what an odd person"; now though, you can't escape the word. If you don't have apps on your smartphone there is something, quite clearly, wrong. Apps have changed the way we live our lives and continue to aide us in many ways throughout our days.

Take travel, for instance. Travelling was once an adventure; one to treasure; one to explore. Now though, apps have changed all of it. If you choose to, you could navigate yourself almost anywhere thanks to apps, you don't have to be Sir Ranulph Fiennes to explore the world.

Thinking of travelling through the UK to Europe to the Middlest East to Australian to India, whichever route you take here is a look into the best travel apps out there that you should have for your journey, which are useful and can save you money.

Converse - rating: 8/10

Converse: no, not the popular shoe brand, but the handy travel app which will help you in foreign countries. Converse basically allows you to have conversations with a person who speaks another language; effectively translating what is being said for you.

As you can imagine, this app is ideal for anyone who wants to travel abroad and speak the lingo.

WhatsApp - rating: 9/10

WhatsApp has become one of the biggest apps in the world thanks to its simplicity and ease of use. Most people who own a smartphone will use WhatsApp, but if you're not familiar with it, here is a quick overview: WhatsApp basically acts as a chat app, but allows you to talk to your friends and family for free - even when you're abroad.

As you can imagine, this app comes in handy when people want to keep connected without spending a fortune on text messages however it's not the same feeling as just dialling a call to speak to someone and sometime messages can get lost in translation.

Wikitude - rating: 7-10

No idea what is around you but fancy a bite to eat? No problem: enter Wikitude. This amazing augmented reality app will, by using the phone's camera, tell you where certain points of interest, restaurants and clubs are through its incredible interface.

Wikitude is a seriously impressive app which is a must for any traveller in a modern city.

AllSubway-rating: 6-10

AllSubway is a great little app for any traveller who wants to utilise a city's rail network. For just $1 you get an app which will let you access more than 160 maps over several continents. This is a must download app for anyone who is using the rail network.

Skype Wi-Fi - rating: 9-10

Skype is a pretty standard piece of technology these days. It's used by millions of people to stay in touch with their loved ones, but it's also nice to note that you can use it when you're travelling, too. After all, there's nothing worse than being home sick when travelling the world.

Use Skype and stay in touch!

TripIt - rating: 6-10

TripIt is a handy app which will look after your itinerary when you're out exploring the sights of the particular country you're in. Let's be honest; we all forget things from time-to-time, but TripIt will help remind you what your day looks like, so you never need worry about remembering everything again.

Wi-Fi Finder - rating: 9-10

What a simple but unbelievably effective and helpful app Wi-Fi Finder is. In an era when everything is connected to the internet, surely it would make sure to find the local Wi-Fi hotspots to enjoy the internet and, well, let's be honest; Facebook.

It's simple but damn important for any traveller in the 21st century.

XE Currency - rating: 9-10

Is converting currency one of the hardest things to do when you're abroad? Having to work out just how expensive an item is can drive any person insane, but fear not; XE Currency converter is here. It's just a brilliant app that will help you when money is being handed over.

Author: Jenny Ann has travelled the world and found mobile technology to be very useful on her adventures, she mainly used her phone to save money and make cheap calls to India through the services. Jen hopes you find value for money too on your travels and you enjoy the latest travel apps!

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