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Best and Must-Have Smartphone Apps For Nurses and Doctors

doctor-with-ipad"There's an app for that." Isn't it amazing how true Apple's ad campaign has turned out to be?

Apps aren't just limited to finding restaurants and getting the latest stock reports. There are more than 10,000 healthcare related apps in the iTunes store alone. Seriously.

As a nurse or doctor, apps can be a huge asset or a huge time waste. It can be difficult to know which ones are right for you. Getting through the newest ones is probably the last thing on your to do list, so here’s the work done for you. These are a few of the latest apps which will help simplify your life. Google Translate

Google Translate - This free app breaks down language barriers. Clear communication with patients is vital to serving their needs. With Google Translate, you can translate individual words or entire phrases of more than 65 languages including: English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Arabic, Russian, French, Thai, Portuguese, Polish, Norwegian, and Dutch. With most of these languages, the Google Translate app allows you to speak and hear the corresponding translation. (Compatible with iPhone, iTouch, iPad and Android)

MiniNurse Lite

MiniNurse Lite - This free app is ideal for nursing students or new nurses. It provides general information such as: medical terminology, medical abbreviations, medical suffixes and prefixes, a variety of calculators, subcutaneous injection sites, medication dosages, nursing sills, IV rates, and more. (Compatible with Android)


modalityBODY: Interactive Anatomy and Medical Imaging for iPad - This free app was specifically designed for doctors. It allows you to develop your own interactive library of images displaying the human body both inside and out. It allows you to create your own professional references, training tools and patient education aids. Images can be drawn from medical texts or your own portfolio. Additional images can be purchased from the modalityBODY Store that offers content from other leading medical professionals. (Compatible with iPad)

drchrono EHR

drchrono EHR - Put your scheduling, medical billing and clinical needs all in one hand-held device with the drchrono EHR (Electronic Health Record) app. As an EHR certified tool, it provides paperless check-in and billing, customized clinical notes, eRx ePrescribing and more. Additionally, using this app qualifies your facility for a $44,000+ tax incentive.

Mobile MIM

Mobile MIM - This free app allows you to place high quality images in the cloud and view them away from your workstation. It is not intended to replace your workstation, but rather provide an extension of it. This also allows your patients to access and view their X-rays at home. The Mobile MIM software is compatible with: SPECT, PET, CT, MRI, E-ray and Ultrasound. It can not be used for mammography. (Compatible with iPad)

MedPage Today

MedPage Today Mobile – Ideal for doctors and nurses, this free app delivers the latest medical news and comprehensive reference information. (Compatible with iPhone, iTouch, iPad and Android)

Medical Wizards Library

Medical Wizards Library - This app offers an extensive library of guides for medical specialties ranging from emergency medicine and pediatrics to cardiology and dermatology. Easy search options makes finding answers a breeze. There is a 10 day trial for this app and then you are required to pay based on the specialties you would like to access. (Compatible with iPhone, iTouch, iPad and Android)

Now that you know the best apps which will help you access images, handle your busy schedule and handle medical terminology your only worry is where to find cheap scrubs so that your collection is never dwindling! These are just a few examples of some apps that I have used, with the app store growing daily there are always new apps being created. However, it is important that when determining their usefulness that you thoroughly investigate them paying attention to reviews in medical communities to ensure that they are providing the best information.

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