Audials One 2017 Review – Watch your Favorite Movie and Listen Songs in High Quality

If you are the enthusiast who loves to stream and record music, videos, TV-shows and movies online then Audials One is a recommended software that provides you with full entertainment. Audials One 2017 is a fabulous software tool that can help you to record music, videos, series, and movies from all the streaming services available on the web. Moreover, it contains a Universal converter, DVD Copier, ID3 Tagger and a player for all media formats.

Audials One – A Brief

Audials One is a great software that can search a wide range of music sources on the internet and can monitor thousands of radio stations. You can easily find any type of music in top notch quality really fast. You can even convert the media into any format and play it in any format on Audials One player. All in one, this software is packed with a wide range of features.

Audials One – Top Notch Features

Audials One 2017 has a range of features to offer to its users. You will go spell bound after viewing the below mentioned features of this extra-ordinary tool.

Record Internet Radio Stations while Listening to Them

It is the largest database of over 100,000 Radio stations in its list. You can easily stream over thousands of radio stations endlessly. It supports all major media types and has an optimized navigation with a sidebar. Moreover, its automatic suggestion feature will find the stations that will match your personal taste. You can easily record the songs that you are listening and can customize the recordings.


Search through the Internet for Videos & Music

In the tab Music Search or Music Wishes, Audials can easily search the songs from a wide range of websites. The music selection can be made according to your taste, artists, and other types of filtering such as climbers, popular tracks or evergreens. It will automatically display the results for best quality. You can record/download a number of music files simultaneously. A number of features like automatic continuous play, direct link to search results, and few others can be thoroughly enjoyed.


Get Songs from Radio Stations & Internet Automatically

It will fulfill your each and every wish. The best version of the songs will be selected. You can easily create and manage your wishlist. A number of wish lists can be created and thousands of songs can be entered in each of the wishlist. The wishes will be fulfilled in background while you are listening to music or streaming the videos.


Subscribe & Listen to Millions of Episodes

It has a comprehensive database of over 150,000 podcasts out of which 20,000 are the video podcasts having high definition videos from over 25 themes. Its database is constantly updating with new podcasts. Get ready to get the ultimate podcast experience.

Receive & Watch the Broadcasts

This includes all the major music channels. The live player helps in quick and easy surfing. The media is arranged with genre, country, artist, and other information. Moreover, you can easily adjust the video to fullscreen or fit it to any size. You can even add the additional channels and stream them anytime.

Audio Streams can be saved as Individual songs

All the audio streams can be saved with song separation. Any stream can be recorded directly. It is potentially optimized for the new audio streams. You can expect the accurate recording of the new individual song without any background disturbance. The ID3 tags and the album artwork is added automatically to the songs recorded. Audials can record the streaming services Spotify and Deezer at double speed.


Save & Record the Video Streams

You can save the video stream as file in desired format. Audials One is optimized for all major streaming websites. You can even manually define the recording area for the video. The video files can be recorded in highest quality. The highly powered recording technology used by Audials One avoids any losses in the quality of the video.


Convert the Audio & Video

The Audials software can easily read and import nearly all audio and video files as it supports over 85 (40 audio & 45 video) formats. The protected audio and video files can also be converted. The Audials One converter can deliver optimal performance by converting the media in high quality.

Copy Protected & Unprotected DVDs

The unprotected DVDs can be converted directly. The protected DVDs can be converted by playing them at back and re-recording them again. It can convert the DVD in formats supported by PCs, tablets, and the smartphones.

A Complete Media Center

You can enjoy non-stop music, movies, and videos from anywhere. It is a music player that can run files in any format. The media files can be edited and optimized according to the device compatibilities.

What’s New in Audio One 2017?

A plenty of new features have been added up to Audials One 2017. It offers more charts. It has the top charts from past 36 months. You can also select the songs from a wide collection of 12,000,000 songs from over 3,000,000 artists. Let us check what’s new in this software tool.

  • It offers more functions in the tabs ‘Music Search’ & ‘Music Wishes’. The ‘Audials Charts’ are updated monthly. The previous charts are provided for free.
  • The all new ‘Top Songs’ feature provides the songs based on the taste of user. By just entering your music taste or a song, the ‘Top Songs’ feature will create a playlist of the songs that will match the music taste of user. You can download the songs from the list at once or individually.
  • In the ‘Top Songs’ tab, a filter option is available according to latest songs, popular tracks or the evergreens from different genres.
  • In ‘Save Video’ or ‘Save Music’ category, the software offers options to record the media through the browser as installable software or in form of application for ensuring that the recording is done in best quality.
  • The music as well as the audio books can be recorded at ripening fast speeds (double speed) from streaming services like Deezer and Spotify.

The Last Words

Audials One 2017 is an interesting software that has added upon some of the exciting features in its newer version. This powerful software ensures that the user gets quality videos, movies, and music on demand. Moreover, it can record and play the media simultaneously. What more can a user expect from a software of this type?

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