Artificial Intelligence: The Pros & The Cons Explained

freferferfThe human race is on the verge of experiencing a revolutionary change that will have a greater impact on our daily lives. And, the technology that will drive this change is none other than AI or Artificial Intelligence. This drastic technological change not only will affect us as humans but also the way we live, work and see the things today. The technology will also have the alternative effect on our sense of privacy, the notion of ownership as well as on our pattern of consumption.

From Siri to self-driving cars and from Google’s search algorithm to the IBM Watson and to the Cornata, Artificial Intelligence is all around us. And, the fact that AI takes the responsibility of making machines think like humans can either be a constructive or a destructive mechanism in the long run. While Artificial Intelligence can either be a constructive or a destructive technology, we are bringing a glimpse of both the scenario in this write-up.

Here Come the Benefits of Using Artificial Intelligence!

Error Reduction with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence makes it possible for us to reduce the errors and reach to a higher degree of precision. The technology has also made it possible for us to use robots in the most refined version. With AI, intelligent robots are fed with information that they further use either to interact with the customers or to assist the scientists in other research. The science of robotics can also be used for mining intelligent data for a number of purposes by the companies that deal with customer servicing. The complex mechanism of artificial intelligence can also be used in exploring the ocean floor thus expanding the human limitations.

Digital Assistance with Artificial Intelligence

Some of the highly advanced organizations use “avatars” the digital assistance that actually interacts with the customers to save human efforts. The robots lack the emotional side that helps them become more logical in order to take a decision. Emotions, on the other hand, are associated with the mood that in many cases could downrank the performance of humans that is not at all possible with robots. Additionally, the job profiles that seem to be monotonous in nature can be performed successfully with the help of robotic assistance. Machines think faster than humans is a benefit that comes along while utilizing robots in the business.

The Cons Associated With Artificial Intelligence

High Cost of Artificial Intelligence

Using artificial intelligence implies a high cost. Managing these expensive machines requires high-cost maintenance too. The software program also needs frequent upgrading, which is again an expensive affair. In case of severe breakdown, the cost of recovery lost codes requires huge time, money as well as efforts from the data scientists. All these things make the prolonged use of artificial intelligence an expensive affair. Additionally, machines perform what they are programmed for. They cannot make the judgment between the right and the wrong. This limits the performance of machine only to the codes they are programmed for.

No Improvement With Experience

We, humans, grow by gaining the experience but the case is not similar to the machines. They only run on the programmed data and can never be expected to grow with the experience as humans grow with time. Additionally, machines are not able to alter their response in any given environment like humans. There is no concern or the care present in the machine. The sense of belonging or togetherness cannot be expected from devices having the best of machine learning. While the machines can help humans create a creative piece of an idea, they can never match up to the creativity level of human minds.

Final Thoughts

As every coin has two sides, artificial intelligence is not an exception to it. The technology can be used for both constructing the destructing purposes. Although artificial intelligence has till date proved to be an exceptional technology, there is a long way to go to see the real potential of this innovative technology. As they say, artificial intelligence can be used extensively for the benefit of human existence.

Further research and innovation in this direction are sure to offer exceptional outputs.

AI and robotics, because of their huge possibility of mining the data will go hand in hand to offer greater results. We will get quick ways to transform every single facility into the benefit of humans race. The time is not far away that artificial intelligence will come into the mainstream as an exceptional technology for us.

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