Apple Watch Apps to Make Your Work Day Easier

fdhgfWhile the first wave of interest in the Apple Watch came primarily from technology lovers keen to get their hands on the latest device released by the tech juggernaut, today many people around the world are keen to use the watch for business, not just personal use. Indeed, there are already thousands of apps that have been created for the Apple Watch (over 11,000 and counting to date), and many of these are extremely handy in the workplace.

No matter what line of work you're in, you'll find a number of helpful apps that are well worth downloading and using on the job — just make sure that you have some quality internet security software on hand to safeguard all your personal and confidential information too.

If you can't live without your tech-driven watch and want to know about some of the latest and greatest apps to hit the market, read on for a sample of applications purpose-built for the Apple Watch you can check out today.

CARROT Weather

If your work day is affected by the temperature or if you need to plan your week according to other elements of the weather, you should check out the CARROT Weather app. The app has been named as the "best weather app for Apple Watch" by the New York Times, and costs USD$3.99 to download. While it's extremely handy, showcasing forecasts, rainfall predictions, and potential weather complications, it's also fun to use.

The system, a self-proclaimed "weather robot with a personality", is designed to add a bit of snark to your day, delivering up-to-date information alongside hilarious dialogue and oddball animations. In addition, the app also features a Time Machine, where you can see the weather for any location in the past (going back a maximum 70 years), or even a decade into the future.

App in the Air

For anyone who travels a lot for work, the free App in the Air system is bound to be a winner. Described by its makers as the "personal flying assistant," this app lets your Apple Watch get all your trips in order.

The tech tracks flights in real time, and provides users with gate and security wait times, as well as airport tips and navigation maps for terminals. In addition, App in the Air can make your flight better, by providing suggested exercises to help relax your neck muscles during the trip, as well as information on the landmarks you are flying over.

The system works offline too, meaning you can receive SMS messages about gate changes or flight status updates without having to worry about incurring expensive roaming costs.

Apple Maps

Although Google Maps has been the most popular option for many people for a while, the updated version of Apple's alternative map system is sure to play catch up, especially since it now boasts Apple Watch integration.

To use the free app on your smart watch as you travel, start by finding your destination (the app will show you a list of recent searches, or you can do a new one) and then begin your route. If you need further info, the app will also show you any contact details, reviews, or other pertinent information that it locates for your destination. Once you start moving, you can enjoy turn-by-turn navigation directly on your arm with the tech giving you a simple tap to your wrist whenever you need to make a turn.


If you work with a multilingual team or travel overseas regularly for business, one of the biggest stressors of the work day can often be communication barriers. That's where the iTranslate foreign language app comes in. The system costs USD$6.99 and is sure to be well worth the expense within just a short amount of time if it gets your message across loud and clear.

First, choose your language (there are over 90 to select from), then either type the words you want to have translated, or dictate them. Once the app has converted your words, you can choose to show the result to the person you wish to communicate with, or have your Watch say it aloud.


If you're a shift worker, or just find yourself struggling to sleep well due to the pressures of your job, you should consider downloading the free Sleep ++ app. The system uses the motion-tracking capabilities of the Apple Watch to help you to track and measure your sleep (both duration and quality) each night.

The app analyzes your rest times and provides you with a detailed breakdown of how much you moved during the night. Once you have a better idea of your sleeping patterns, you'll be able to make changes to your nightly habits in order to get into a more restful routine.

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