Android Data Recovery: How to Recover Deleted Files on Samsung Galaxy Phones

Are you having a hard time dealing with data loss on your Samsung Galaxy? We have three great solutions that can help you recover deleted files on your smartphone.


Backup and Restore Files with Samsung Smart Switch

Samsung Smart Switch is an awesome and convenient way to backup and restores your Samsung smartphone. It is available to all Samsung smartphone devices and can be downloaded free. In order to use it, you have to install it to your PC using the following steps:

1. Download the Samsung Smart Switch from the support website on this link – Windows, Mac.

2. After downloading, click the .exe file to start the installation.

3. Click the check boxes for the terms and license agreement.

4. After installation, click Finish to complete the process.

How to Use Samsung Smart Switch

If you will use Samsung Smart Switch for the first time, you will first need to setup your phone and PC by following these instructions:

1. Launch the Samsung Smart Switch application in your PC.

2. It will prompt you to connect your Samsung smartphone via USB cable. When you connect it, Samsung Smart Switch will instantly recognize your smartphone.

3. After connecting, go to your notifications bar on your phone then tap Transferring media files.

4. Your phone is now connected to the Samsung Smart Switch.

Backing Up Files

After successfully connecting your smartphone to Samsung Smart Switch, you can now backup your files.

1. On the Samsung Smart Switch application, click Backup on the lower left part of the application.

2. You will be asked to allow access permissions.

3. Use your phone and tap Allow.

4. This will start the backup of your phone.

5. After the backup is finished, you will receive a summary of the data that is backed up.

Restoring Files

With many backup files ready, you can use that in order to restore your phone to its past state. To do that using Samsung Smart Switch is very simple.

1. Launch the Samsung Smart Switch and connect your phone.

2. Click Restore.

3. If you want to restore from the latest backup, then click Restore now. Otherwise, click Select a different backup. You will be shown different backup files that you backed up earlier.

4. You will be asked to allow access permissions.

5. Use your phone and tap Allow.

6. After restoration, you will receive a summary of the data the is restored.


Recover Deleted Files with Dr.Fone

Dr.fone is an Android Data Recovery toolkit that can be installed on your PC that can help recover your deleted files. If you haven’t downloaded the toolkit yet, then you can use this link to the Samsung Galaxy S7 data recovery software to download and install it to your PC. It comes with a 30-day free trial.

Several factors can affect data loss such as human error, hardware malfunctions, and software glitches. Whatever the cause of your data loss, Dr.fone can handle it. It is a strong toolkit that has the highest recovery rate in the industry.

How to Use Dr.fone

Below is a step-by-step guide on using Dr.fone to recover deleted files on your smartphone.

1. Start Dr.fone and select Data Recovery. It will prompt you to connect your Android device to your PC.

2. After plugging in your phone, USB debugging will activate. If ever a message in your smartphone pops up, then allow USB debugging.

3. Dr.fone will then show all the available type of file that you can recover. You can select a specific file or multiple files. Then click next.

4. After selecting the files, you will have to choose what type of scan mode. Use Standard Mode first. If ever your file can’t be located, then repeat the process and choose Advance Mode. Make sure to read the warnings before proceeding.

5. If Dr.fone has done scanning your phone, you can preview all the files that are available for recovery. You can choose specific or multiple files depending on your purpose. If you are done, then hit Recover.

Dr.fone can restore a wide range of files like deleted text messages, contacts, photos, videos, music, documents and much more. It can be used to all Samsung Android devices such as Samsung Galaxy S7/S6 and Note 7/5/4.


Recover Deleted Files with EaseUs

EaseUs is another program that can recover deleted files on your Samsung Galaxy S7. You can download EaseUs through this link. Like Dr.fone, it is a PC application. You have to connect your smartphone device in order to scan it and recover the deleted files. However, EaseUS is only available for rooted devices.

How to Use EaseUs

Below is a step by step guide in using EaseUs:

1. Launch EaseUs then connect your smartphone. Click Start for the application to recognize your phone.

2. Scan your phone. After scanning, you will see all the data that can be recovered.

3. Preview the data that you want to recover.

4. Recover the data.

Among the three choices, Dr.fone and EaseUs use the internal memory of your smartphone to located deleted files. However, EaseUs requires your phone to be rooted. Dr.fone, with its Advanced Mode, will root your phone in order to scan more files.

Meanwhile, Samsung Smart Switch restores your phone to a previous state using a backup file. Samsung offers this as a default recovery option. It has its own downfall. You have to constantly backup your files so that the backup is always updated. Depending on your circumstances, you can choose either.

If you have any questions, please ask below!