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Amazing Features That Will Make You Fall In Love with Android 5.0 Update

Android 5.0Android has revealed that it is going to give a software update to its users very soon on 25th June, 2014 but the name of the update is still not known. Its initials are expected to be "L" but what it would be, nobody knows. Some guesses say ‘Lollipop' or ‘Key Lime Pie'? No idea! But for the time being it is being called as Android L and its developer has already won fantastic appreciation from analysts and testers for mobile software around the globe. Before you finally become able to update your phones with android 5.0, read some of its exclusive features that will make you restless for the new update.

It has been said that Android 5.0 is going to offer features that people will fall in love with. Amazing and lovely features will make you adore your smart phones even more.

Let us see what people are expecting from their new phone:

  1. Smart Google Search: If we compare iOS and Android, then the latter still finds it difficult to make searches on Google as compared to its competitor Siri. But now these limitations have been overcome and you will be amazed to see that Google now will work in the same manner as Siri does and will complete the given task in minutes.
  2. Interface based on card: Initially the previews have indicated that the flat designs will be the highlights among the upcoming version of Android. Let us just hope that these Google developers will persist with it when the platform will finally enter into the market. iOS 8 is also going to have a flat interface and Android cannot afford on losing out the design game.
  3. Efficient contact look-ups: Nobody likes searching a single name from the pool of the names and then call the desired person. A smart dialer will be available on the Android version and will help users in finding specific contact numbers that will be only a few taps away. In addition, experts also feel that Google should also add T9 dialer in their upcoming Android platform.
  4. Personalized themes for your phone: The basic level codes are required to give customized themes and that will not happen with Android 5.0. If Android gets successful with these personalized themes, it will allow people to add their own sounds, colors and widgets to their themes in their smart phones. Because we are talking about the expectations that you could have with Android 5.0 but we do not know what exactly it is going to offer.
  5. Enhanced picture effects and editing: Well the camera and the picture effects offered by Android do not have many complaints but unfortunately we cannot say the same for Google Nexus phones. The previous software Jelly Bean and KitKat also offer some photo editing options but there could be a lot of scope for enhancing such features.
  6. Comparatively better Keyboard: This is also available on Android phones but I guess it needs some improvements. Now Android will offer you a better Swype keyboard. The touch features are okay on the Swype keyboard but it could be made much user- friendly.

Well these are some features that we are expecting to get into our new and updated version of Android 5.0. But the things are yet to come. The reality will only be experienced when the things will be in front of us. Till then keep guessing and love your mobile phones.

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