A Tutorial on How to Recover Your Files with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

huhhIf you have ever deleted your files accidentally or due to some of virus attack your data can get damaged because of this you may lose some important office files or precious images of different moments. This is a very frustrating moment as you have to go through long process to recover your files. But here I am going to introduce EaseUS that is very easy to use and the best thing about EaseUS data recovery software is that it is absolutely free.

Installing the software

The installation of this software is very simple; you have to simply download this software afterwards it only takes couples of minute to install on your machine. When the installation is completed you can simply click the launch button to open the free data recovery software.

Using data recovery

If you look at the interface of this software it is very user-friendly and simple to use. If you are expecting some kind of complex menu bar then you will only find the icons in the top right corner (feedback, import scan status, menu, minimize, maximize, close). As there are no setting to bother so it is very convenient to navigate.

How to get started

You always have to start from the Home button. Initially you have to select the types of files to scan that means you have to look for whether the deleted files is related to graphic, music, email, document or audio.


After that you have to select the location in which the deleted files are located so that you can search thoroughly.



There are two types of modes available in this software. One is the deep scan and the other is the quick scan. The difference in between these two modes is when you hit the quick scan button it won’t take much time but the results of scan is not thorough.


But if you click the deep scan button then the scanning will take some time and it will dig deeper in your hard disk and when the scanning is done the result will be thorough and complete.


And if you see that scanning is taking too much time then you can pause the scanning and preview the found files. If your desired file is in between the found files then you can still recover any found file without having worrying about the scan result is completed or not.

Recovering your lost data

When you are done with the scanning then you are ready to recover the lost files. You select the found files and right click on each one to recover them individually or can select all to recover each and every found file.


Afterwards you will ask to select the location where you wanted to save those files. They will warn you not to save those files in the same location. It’s just a precaution because that drive might be damaged. I personally believe that is not a problem in saving the deleted files in the same location.


In short I would like to sum up that EaseUS data recovery wizard free is very good and competent software in recovering your deleted files that were deleted mistakenly or due to some mishaps. It will help you to recover your coveted kitten videos collection or any other important stuff you may have.

If you have any questions, please ask below!