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A Mobile App that is not Easily Usable is Futile

mobile-applicationsMobile apps are the talk of the youth nowadays. In fact, not just the youth, which certainly forms the major chunk, but businessmen, retailers, housewives, students, truck-drivers, salon managers, and every other person is engaged into mobile app usage. Mobile apps are so interesting and engaging that you can keep exploring them and playing with them for hours together. These are like new-age toys that are both informative and entertaining.

Mobile app developers have a lot of work to do; they can't be idling away time even for a second. This is due to the magnanimous demand from the industry. Every day, newer applications are being launched by smart phone companies. Google play is the current rage and one of the most explored site nowadays. Despite all this, one must assess what the usability score of a mobile app is. Merely developing a mobile app doesn't make you a pro developer. Many apps are developed for the heck of it, but they hardly find usage in practical settings.


Simplicity of use is the number one criterion that matters in the development of a mobile app. If an application is difficult to use, people would get turned off and may not want to use it further. Many apps cause problems during the downloading stage making people averse to them.

Increased Traffic

Due to increase in the use of mobile devices as the prime mode of communication and PCs and laptops taking a backseat, mobile apps will find increased usage by mobile users. So, there is an increasing dependence on mobiles for providing the kind of information that could initially be found through the PC web. Developers should find a way to handle the increased traffic on mobile websites.

How to Tackle Constraints?

There are many constraints in developing mobile technology owing due to much smaller screen size, easy battery depletion, low storage, and limited processor speed. Small screen size poses many problems that app developers in The UK and all around the world have to tackle successfully. You have to design the mobile web interface in such a way that the important text and graphics are not missed out and are easily and clearly visible. Designing high resolution text and graphics that users find easy to view on the mobile web is the key to making them glue to their mobile sets for features that were once a monopoly of PC or laptop internet.


Being able to scroll the screen effectively both horizontally and vertically is important if you want the viewers to go through the complete information on a website. If a vital piece of information is missed out, you lose on many important buyers for your website or products promoted through it. Scrolling is an effective tool, but make sure a user doesn't have to endlessly keep on scrolling which is really exasperating. So, lesser content is the key; you won't have to scroll much if the content is less.


Zooming in or out is a real blessing and a dire need when it comes to accessing the web through mobile technology. Mobile apps should be built in such a way that they enable a hassle-free and enjoyable user experience. Content should be minimal but impactful. Using only critical text that is essential to convey the meaning of the app and its usability is important. In this case, less is definitely more. Even if you dump a lot of text and graphics on the website, people are definitely not going to read all of them and may get rather bored or irritated.

Mobile batteries get finished up earlier due to their large daily usage. A way should be found so that battery usage is not depleted quickly; frequent recharging of mobile phones is a bane. Mobile internet companies can certainly make amends here.


It is very important for mobile apps to be aesthetically pleasing. Boring, dull apps will soon be out of the race; nobody wants to use something on their mobile that doesn't hold their gaze for long. Smart phone users are stylish people who love technology. So, their tastes and preferences should be kept in mind before proceeding with mobile app designing and development.

An article by Kaira Fransic.

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