A Guide for Getting Microsoft Office for Your Workplace, Schools & Home Purpose

Microsoft Office can be expensive at the initial level. The impartial copies of the office for desktop suite can presently set you back a little lesser than the actual price which comes in an offer. Whereas, the subscriptions to Office can finally lead to a free office installation help or may ask for some part of payment. The latest version of office includes the latest desktop version that is 2013 that gives free upgrades, online storage, and some other bonuses. However, if you do not use these, it will turn out as an expensive offer than the standalone desktop suite for the long run.

As it is all about a lot to spend for installation of office, but there is some good news as well. If you are not a power user and do not need all the latest features, then you can save a good amount of money to buy Microsoft Office later or get a free version for one month. So, how does “free installation” sounds?

Online Microsoft Office Offers Key Features For Free

The online Office is Microsoft’s free for all web-based usage as Office suite. It comprises online versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, People, and Calendar of course. If you have used the recent version of Office, the online office interface looks familiar except some advanced features have been added, such as Mail Merge in Word or Pivot Tables in Excel.

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Mobile Office Apps for Android, iOS, Windows Are Free

Today, Microsoft’s biggest achievement is that it has entered into the world of iOS and Android mobile markets with touch-optimized Office apps for free and is also available for PC Windows and Windows Phone as well. As with online office, the interface is similar to what you have used from the desktop Office suite, but many advanced features are still missing.

The benefit of these applications is that these allow you to transfer between documents edited on your other devices seamlessly, and the files are synced to your One Drive account.

Test Microsoft Office Preview For Free

As Microsoft Office has recently released a preview version of Office 2016, it is expected to launch later to this year. With the top reach for it, it includes improved features like touch, real-time collaborative editing, and various smart suggestion feature and several more enhancements. Ultimately, it maintains the familiar design of Office 2013.

Run an Office When Trial

If you are in doubt whether or not to buy Microsoft Office or if you need for some time or shorter time then you can sign up for a 30 days trail of office. The trial version gives the standard version, especially for the desktop version. The online version of Microsoft Office has 1TB storage and more. Moreover, most importantly, you need a Microsoft account to start the actual trial for both the home, personal and workplace version for 30 days each, that gives you a total of 60 days free Office.

Students and Teachers Can Get Free Office Installation

Any academic institutions can license Office installation help and distribute it for free to the faculties, staffs and students as well. The users can install Office on up to 5 devices, and use up to 1TB of storage. If you are qualified for a free license, then you can easily sign up and download Office for education directly from Microsoft.

Closing Lines

To make the decision of purchasing the Microsoft office a bit easier, read the guides mentioned online which will tell all the information with the help of office installation help.


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