9 Apps that every Laptop should have in 2018.

Everyone would want to own a laptop; whether for entertainment or professional work, having a good working laptop is important to meet your needs. Owning a computer with nothing installed is all in vain. The first step to realizing the potential of your laptop is to install an operating system. One of the most common operating systems is Windows, which give your PC a new meaning on operations. However, installing an OS is nothing and it may not work to your needs unless you install various programs and applications on it. Below are some of the major applications that should never lack in your laptop.

1. Antivirus security.

This is arguably the first application that you need to have on your PC. It is important in protecting your PC from the viruses and malware that may get in your laptop when installing the rest of the apps. There are a lot of options available in the market and different antivirus programs vary in features, compatibility with various operating systems. For Windows 10, one of the most recommended security apps is the Panda antivirus. This is a cloud-based solution thus there is no need to bog down your resources. It is easy to set up and the users have a privilege to set up a scheduled maintenance, scans and exceptions. Basically, once you set up your scheduled scans, you do not have to click on the maintenance to carry out this activity.

2. Internet Browser.

Whether you are purchasing a laptop for the purpose of entertainment or professional works, you will need to access the internet from time-to-time. In 2018, a larger percentage is using Windows 10. The most recommended internet browser is the Google chrome. Google Chrome is not only speedy but it has various conveniences. For instance, the ability to instantly search on Google for an image. There are a lot of extensions that are designed to facilitate the convenience you experience when using it.

3. Cloud storage.

This storage enables the user to take their files anywhere. One of the most recommended storage apps is Dropbox. It is very easy to share files with others and its great interface enables the user to have a better experience. Dropbox can be used as a backup or be setting up shareable folders with other individuals. This app comes with free 2GB storage but this can be extended by either referring people to use Dropbox, purchasing a package and other ways.

4. Steam.

This app is popular with the gamers. You need to get Steam in order to have a great experience on your gaming laptop (here you find some reviews). With this app, you are able to buy and download popular games. There is also the ability to connect to your TV and enjoy the big picture mode. This will turn your PC into a console. There should be no gamer lacking this app in their PC.

5. File compression and extraction (ZIP)

There are zipped files they may be supported by windows but if the process is more than the basics; it requires a stronger compression tool. These tools are ideal for working with any type of archived files that you may come across. PeaZip is one of the best compression and extraction apps for the Windows 10. It is easy to use, and it stands out from its competition. Some of its features include; repairing of damaged archives.

6. Media player.

When you are online, you do not have to worry about this because YouTube is readily available and contains almost any audio or video that you may want to see but when you are offline, you cannot view these files without the use of a media player. VLC is the most common media is easy to install and use. In addition, it has the ability to play any format you may have. From the highest quality to low qualities recorded with your mobile device, you can rest assured that VLC will sort you out. VLC is also compatible with a large number of operating systems.

7. LibreOffice.

While media player is recommendable for playing any media format, LibreOffice is ideal for opening any readable document. As much as you bought your PC for a specific purpose, it is important to have a LibreOffice installed in your laptop. This is usually a free office suite that provides its users with a complete set of productivity tools. It is able to open various documents such as the spreadsheets, word, slideshows, etc. In as much as this is a free tool, there I a choice of purchasing a polished version of the app. This gives you access to professional office tools. It is the right deal for the windows 10.

8. Back up app.

As much as you have installed Dropbox as your choice for the cloud storage, which would also serve as a backup, there are apps that are specifically designed for backing up your data. There are many backup apps available in the market but Crashplan surpasses them all. It is a free app and it lets you back your data up to n external hard drive. If you need to backup in another computer, all you need id to configure the backup locations and they will be automatically backed up. For maximum protection, there is the availability of a premium version of the Crashplan.

9. PC Cleaner.

Windows built useless files over time and in order to keep your PC clean, you need to install a cleaning app. CCleaner would be the best cleaning app for windows 10. It has the ability to clean all software caches, you are able to disable startup programs and monitor the files that take the most space, clean the messy context menu and also create a text for the programs installed.

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