6 Great Apps to Have When Traveling

Traveling is as close to an old timey adventure as most of us will ever come, and despite all the information available online you really need to immerse yourself in a foreign culture to discover all the little intricacies. Adventures can be a bit dangerous and tiring though, so having the right tools at your side is always a good idea. Fortune favors the prepared as they say, and seeing as how your smartphone is the most compact and versatile tool you own, it is a good idea to load up on some good travel-related apps before heading off to a foreign land.

The selection of apps bellow will enable you to get around with ease, find absolutely everything you could possibly need, manage your money properly, communicate with natives, have an insight into what's going on home while you're away and-of course-take amazing pictures so that you can reminisce about your adventure in years to come.

1. Travel List


A very simple, yet incredibly useful app, the Travel List allows you to get organized and make sure you have everything you will need on the trip ready to go. There are several categories with items to check as well as a handy event planner.

2. Stay (City Guides and Offline Maps)


I have traveled throughout Europe on several occasions, and I can tell you that the Wi-Fi connectivity is seldom great and even nonexistent a lot of the time. Since I like to have access to information online, particularly when it comes to maps and that's why the Stay app is so useful; you can find your way around anywhere in the world, complete with guides on great hotels, restaurants and retail stores.

3. Currency - Simple Converter


This currency converter is another very basic and user friendly app that will save you a lot of trouble and help you avoid getting swindled by the locals. It's easy to lose track of spending when you are paying with funny-looking foreign money, so be sure to keep this app handy when traveling abroad.

4. Cell Phone Spy


Whether you're leaving your family or your business unsupervised while you're traveling, it's quite important to have a first-hand insight into what's going on. By using a Cell Phone Spy app, you'll be able to know exactly what are your employees and your children are doing, so you can be worries-free and unwind during your travel.

5. Google Translate


Google Translate is an indispensable app in my opinion. You can't carry around a dictionary with you at all times and apps like Ultralingua Dictionary will make you switch between dictionary and spend minutes searching for the rights words. With Google Translate you can quickly find what you need, even translate whole phrases, although entire sentences will not translate very well and may result in gibberish.

6. Photosynth


The one thing you will be doing more than anything else on your vacation is taking pictures of the beautiful scenery and the Photosynth app helps you recreate the wonderful experience by creating large panoramas. You take a bunch of photos of your surrounding and sit back while the app patches them together in one huge panoramic image. You can create a full 3600 three-dimensional mobile panoramas that allow people to see things from your perspective, as if they were right there with you.

These apps should provide you with all the basic utility you need to feel a little bit more comfortable in an unfamiliar setting, allowing you to spend less time worrying and wondering aimlessly and spend more time enjoying yourself. The best of all-all you need is your smartphone! Just a couple of decades earlier, you'd have to bring a dictionary, a camera, a bunch of maps, call your office and your home every couple of minutes, and consult pedestrians passing by in order to find the nearest changing office. It's incomparably easier this way, isn't it?

If you have any questions, please ask below!