6 Awesome Android Medical Apps for Patients

frfetfrYour health is the most precious thing you possess and keeping it in good shape is not always easy. Technology, in form of Android apps, has something valuable to offer in helping you stay strong and healthy. Read on to learn about some of the incredible apps for Android devices that are solely designed to keep you in sound health.


This app provides extensive information about the medicines that you purchase from your neighbourhood drugstore. Install this free app and just search the name of a medicine you want. The app will tell you about its side-effects (if any), interaction with other medicines and dosage. If anyone is about to undergo a surgery, Medscape will reveal the procedure the surgeon will be following. Moreover, it is a good source to look for references for medicines related to allergic reactions. The in-built directory also helps finding reliable doctors in a given area.

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It has proved itself to be a very handy guide in finding good doctors across a given geographical area. Just fill in the following information and the app will bring out the best match for you:

  • The kind of physician you want to see
  • The problem you’re suffering from
  • Your convenient date and time for the visit
  • The medical insurance you’ve

Based on your mentioned criteria, Zocdoc will find out best doctors around you. The app allows its users to read others reviews about a doctor along with writing one’s own reviews, based on real-time exprience.

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This is one mind-blowingly efficient mobile app on Google Play store. It allows users to look through various medical symptoms., apart from helping them stay updated on the latest news from the world of Medicine. Suppose, you are feeling sick and want to know the reason behind it, just log into Omnio and feed in your symptoms. The app will give you the medical options that you are presently suffering from.

This app also allows to browse through by a pill name and know the medical conditions in which it is prescribed by doctors.

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Can you name the most-trusted medical app on Google PlayStore? It is Ada and more than an app, it is a comprehensive personal health companion. Unlike most of the other apps in the same genre, Ada is developed by a team of over 100 practising physicians and scientists. Thus, Ada is well-aware about hundreds and thousands of medical conditions and symptoms, ranging from normal cough and cold to rare, life-threatening diseases. It has earned thousands of 5-star rating in the AppStore and this alone proves the efficiency and high-quality of the app.

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Pill Identifier:

It is very common to have some loose medicines at home, which we fail to remember why they were bought. Pill Identifier Pro is a unique app for Android devices, which tells the details of such loose medicines. You just feed in the shape, colour and imprint of both generic and branded . Within seconds, the app will bring up the details of each of those medications from its vast database of over 50,000 medicines.

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DocsApp is a class apart in the world of Android medical apps. It rightly answers any health-related questions from users. You can also make an appointment with a doctor online through it. You can tell him your problems, share the pathological test reports that were conducted earlier and pay the consultation fee through this app. The private chat feature of DocsApp will allow you to share photos of the affected region of your body with the online physician.

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Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are many other smart and helpful apps as well on Google PlayStore. However, without these six apps, your Android smartphone will never be able to be your true health guide.

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